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Why? Because the African safari jeep was built for the rugged demands of safari adventure. No other vehicle can get you as close to the wildlife. So on all Africa Kenya Safari journeys, we guarantee you a 4 x 4 pop-top Safari Jeep at no extra charge!

No matter the terrain – muddy rivers, deep forests, or tough hills, a solid 4×4 safari jeep will forge over dirt, rock, and bush, bringing you deeper into the wild. With its higher elevation and pop-top roof, you’ll get wide-open views of lions, elephants, and vast herds of wildebeests streaming across the savannah.

A safari jeep used by Africa Kenya Safaris for safari tours in Kenya and Tanzania
An African safari jeep driving through the outback paths & lush grasslands

What Makes the African Safari Jeep so Special?

Think of African safaris and you’re sure to picture a safari jeep tearing across the plains and over the hills, in pursuit of cheetah, buffalo, and herding zebras. Decades of safari expeditions have evolved the 4×4 safari jeep Land Cruiser, making it the perfect safari ride.

  • 4 x 4 all-wheel-drive, high platform, and powerful torque get through the toughest terrain, mud, and water crossings. You’ll off-road to where other vehicles wouldn’t dare
  • The safari jeep’s high platform also means higher seating and better views to spot game further afield
  • For on roading or off, the Jeep’s rugged suspension ensures a more comfortable ride
  • The safari jeep is built on safari experience – 2 fuel tanks and 2 spare tires
  • Lots of doors for quick and easy access
  • Big windows and a pop-top roof to see the vast expanse of land and wildlife
  • The safari jeep is more stable and roomier than a minivan.
  • This is the ultimate safari vehicle – 70 years of off-roading experience!
An Africa Kenya Safari jeep going off road in a grassy safari park
Happy safari guide by his 4x4

Picture Yourself Next to Your Safari Jeep

You’ll be taking lots of photos on safari: the wildlife, the land, yourself… and probably the platform that brought you there – your 4 x 4 Land Cruiser Safari Jeep.

Since 1951 the Land Cruiser Jeep has been to adventure what the lion has been to the African safari – the absolute must. Make sure your photos show you alongside your authentic 4 x 4 Land Cruiser Jeep.

Here is Our 4 x 4 African Safari Jeep Guarantee

It’s simple – when you book your safari with Africa Kenya Safaris, you’ll adventure out to Kenya’s fantastic wildlife in a 4 x 4 safari jeep, guaranteed. At no additional cost.

Other safari outfits will put you in a minivan. Do you really want to experience the greatest adventure of your life in a minivan?

Or, the others will try to upsell you a 4 x 4 at an additional charge. Not us.

A customized, rugged, and dependable 4 x 4 safari jeep is included in your safari fee. The choice is easy.

We hope to see you soon for an amazing wildlife adventure in the ultimate safari vehicle – your 4 x 4 Land Cruiser Jeep.

4x4 safari jeep interior showing radio equipment and WiFi connection

You’ll Find All These Extras in Your 4 x 4 Safari Jeep

(At no extra charge)

Binoculars available on safari jeeps with Africa Kenya Safaris

4 premium quality binoculars per Jeep to bring those big cats even closer

Safari jeep CB radio kit

All our Jeeps are equipped with long-range, high-frequency radios for any-time communications

WiFi available for internet connectivity during safari tours by safari jeep

We offer onboard 4G/LTE broadband WiFi to share your photos and video in real-time

Child seat available on safari jeeps

Child and baby seats are always available on request

Steps for safari jeep accessibility

Included side steps make it easy for everyone to come along on safari

Open top of an Africa Kenya Safaris 4x4 safari jeep

The pop-top roof gives easy access to 3600 views of the savannah and wildlife

Power sockets available on safari jeeps

Our safari vehicles come with plug-in power – AC 230V 50Hz 300Watts (3 flat pin type sockets)

Safari jeep first aid kit

Well-equipped First Aid Kits

Guidebooks for reference taken on safari jeeps

An assortment of safari guidebooks to learn about the wildlife, the environment, and the parks

Tripod weight for photographers available on Africa Kenya Safaris safari jeep

Innovative sandbags support cameras with long lenses for steady photo shooting

Case taken on 4x4 safari jeep

Just reach for the included 22-liter portable fridge if you get thirsty – stores plenty of drinks, fruit, and snacks

And the Best Feature of Your 4 x 4 Jeep

Your Friendly, Expert Safari Guide

Two safari guides by their safari jeeps

We Speak Safari

We Kenyans love languages – Kiswahili, English and usually one or more of our local dialects.

But our guides are also fluent in other languages as well – Spanish, French, Italian, and German.

So when you journey with Africa Kenya Safaris, we’ll make sure you enjoy your safari in your native language. Just let us know your preference when you book your journey with us.

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Tour Information

Help us create your perfect Safari! Tell us about your travel choices, any unique experiences you desire, and upcoming special occasions.