A Day with the Dolphins

African Safaris aren’t just lions, leopards, and elephants. Along Kenya’s stunning coast and in its colorful marine parks you can watch and even swim alongside pods of friendly dolphins.

We’ve set up a full-day excursion for you, sailing aboard an authentic dhow on the clear waters of the Indian Ocean. Your day will include historical fishing villages, exotic islands, a seafood bar-b-que, and lots of swimming and snorkeling by coral reefs, iridescent fish… and of course, plenty of dolphin time.

We Set Sail at Shimoni

Our voyage begins at the small fishing village of Shimoni, in the shadow of British colonial ruins and other historical sites. We’ll board our dhow and sail away, passing small islands on the way to Kisite Mpunguti Marine Park. As we glide across the turquoise waters, look for pods of local dolphins leaping alongside our boat, welcoming us to this vibrant marine reserve.

Here we can swim or snorkel by the park’s extensive coral barrier reef, home to thousands of colorful fish. This undersea ecosystem also harbors a world of octopus, clam, sponge, and dozens of types of corrals.

Don’t be surprised to find yourself swimming alongside turtles and keep an eye out for humpback whales who migrate through these seas.

But you came for the dolphins and the park is home to over 200 of the intelligent and graceful cetaceans. In Kisite Mpunguti the dolphins come in three beautiful varieties – spinner, bottlenose, or the humpback.  You’re certain to enjoy each other’s company.

Wasini Island

Back on our dhow, we’ll sail to nearby Wasini Island – a small paradise of Swahili culture where no cars or bicycles are permitted. All transport here is by foot… or wheelbarrow. We’ll take a short guided tour of the island discovering mangrove swamps, coral gardens, and views of the dolphins and maybe whales swimming not far off.

But all this fun, discovery, and excitement can lead to only one thing: lunch!

Time to relax with a seafood bar-b-que of local Swahili dishes and enjoy the easy island vibe. 

Sail Away

Once again we’ll board our dhow and look for the bright, leaping dolphins as we head back to Shimoni Island for more discoveries. As you walk the town’s historical streets it’s not unusual to savor the aroma of cloves and hear the evening call to prayer.

We’ll visit the infamous slave caves, where multitudes of unfortunate souls were held before being shipped to the slave market in Zanzibar. You’ll take a guided tour of the caves – the proceeds of this community project go to several local initiatives such as pharmaceuticals, food, and salaries for the local teachers.

It’s a full day of natural beauty, Swahili culture, and history to round out this very unusual African seafaring safari. Just contact us at Africa Kenya Safaris and we’ll have you exploring these historical and colorful waters, home to scores of welcoming dolphins!

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