Find Yourself in This Safari Paradise

How does one define Kenya?

  • It is a land where you can toss away your big city routine and spend your days immersed in the rhythms and colors of a brilliant natural world.
  • In Kenya’s thriving wildlife parks, you’ll safari in awe before the prides of lions on golden savannahs, elephants trooping past snow-capped mountains, and millions of herding creatures forming a Great Migration.

Most likely you will redefine Kenya every day as your safari takes you to the heart of riverine forests, rugged deserts, acacia dotted savannahs, Rift Valley lakes, and technicolor marine parks.

And you may even contemplate your place on the planet as you come excitingly close to Kenya’s big cats, crocodiles, and rhinos. Or find yourself walking by grazing gazelle, antelope, and giraffe.

For those who embrace the gift of this beautiful creation, a wildlife safari in Kenya can change one’s life forever.

Capturing the World’s Imagination

But there are also many cultural levels of experience awaiting your discovery.

Adding to Kenya’s mystique are the country’s indigenous tribes like the Maasai and the Samburu people. These nomadic cattle herders have maintained their traditions and lifestyle in the face of an encroaching world.

Go to their villages, meet the people, and learn about their lives, history, and artistic expressions.

Other cultural inspirations wash over the Kenyan experience – witness colonial-era life with its mix of Swahili, Asian, and Mid-Eastern influences in Mombasa and the coastal town of Lamu.

Every Kind of Safari

There is so much to experience on the plains, savannahs, and through the forests of Kenya. Africa Kenya Safaris has created unique safari experiences to bring you close to the animals and the land.

Besides game drives in 4 x 4 Land Cruiser Jeeps, you can go on walking, sailing, bicycling, and even horseback riding safaris. Or for the adventurous, try a dawn balloon safari, floating over the golden hills of the Masai Mara, witnessing the wildlife herding below.

Whichever parks you choose for your Kenya safari holiday, these special lands will delight and inspire and perhaps be a source of transformation.

Our Parks

You’ll find every imaginable form of wildlife in our over 45 parks – from the big cats to great herds of elephants, zebras, giraffes, buffalos – even endangered rhinos and chimpanzees. Here are a few of the parks to get an idea of their variety.

Nairobi National Park – In its way, perhaps the most unique park in the world. Just minutes from downtown Nairobi see lions, leopards, buffalo, and giraffe in the wild. A true wildlife park… but with skyscrapers framing the scene!

Tsavo East & Tsavo West National Parks – These two are Kenya’s oldest and largest reserves – plenty of room for lots of elephants and the other Big Five wildlife.

Samburu National Park – Home to the native Samburu people, who you can arrange to visit. You’ll find vast herds of elephants here and birdlife, plus rare African wild dogs.

Amboseli National Park – known as the “Land of the Giants”, the park shows off giant Mt. Kilimanjaro and features great numbers of elephants. So many you’re guaranteed to see them, marching before the great, snow-capped mountain.

Lake Nakuru National Park – This beautiful park boasts acacia forests, waterfalls, and lots of birdlife adorning the lake. But there’s also giraffe and endangered rhinos, protected in the sanctuary here.

Ol Pejeta Wildlife Sanctuary – A stunningly versatile reserve that treats visitors to every kind of wildlife – from lions and leopards to rhinos and chimpanzees.

Masai Mara National Reserve – When you’ve visited the Mara, you can say you’ve truly been on safari. Here you’ll find the densest number of lions in Kenya, and witness innumerable wildebeests and zebra during the Great Migration. Visit the local Maasai people and even take a balloon safari above the vast beauty of the park.

Marine Parks & Beaches

Most people only think of Kenya’s safaris as land-based but its beaches and coastal life rival marine eco-systems anywhere in the world. Snorkel and dive amongst rich coral reefs and sea gardens. The variety of sea life is unmatched.

Kisite Mpunguti Marine National Park – It’s an immense coral barrier reef, oftentimes referred to as the “Rainforest of the Sea”. You’ll find yourself in the company of dolphins and sea turtles.

Watamu Marine National Park – Swim amongst sea turtles, rainbows of fish, and manta rays in the lagoons and bright coral gardens of this accessible marine park.

Malindi Marine National Park – This is Africa’s first marine park. The first sea park to offer protection to its dolphins, turtles, fish, and shorebirds.

Diani, Kilifi, & Tiwi Beaches – Prepare yourself for diamond white sand beaches and an inviting emerald Indian Ocean. Rest up from your safari at these perfect shoreline retreats.

Explore the City Life

Not all explorations in Kenya are in our parks. The country’s two largest cities of Nairobi and coastal Mombasa offer a palette of nightlife, restaurants, history, culture, and even some wildlife encounters.


This is Kenya’s busy capital city and most likely your point of entry to the country. It’s an international business hub but also the departure point for most safaris.

David Sheldrick Elephant Orphanage – Imagine a parade of baby elephants at feeding time – running up to their giant baby bottles. It’s a scene of breathtaking cuteness. These orphaned babies are taken in and nurtured until adulthood when they are carefully reintroduced back to the wilds. You can even “adopt” one and help support its care.

The Giraffe Centre – Right in town – this refuge was established to protect the endangered Rothschild’s giraffes that live on this manor. Want to get up close to a giraffe? Climb up the feeding platform and slip one of the curious animals a food pellet. Then get ready for a long, green tongue lapping your way.

Karen Blixen Museum – This is the homestead and farm where Blixen, known to the world as Isak Dinesen wrote her renowned memoir, “Out of Africa”. The farmhouse is now a museum with displays and relics from Blixen’s life and her time in Kenya.


Kenya’s main coastal city and gateway to beaches, marine parks, and lots of history.

Fort Jesus – A treasure of culture and monument to colonial Africa, the fortress was constructed in 1593, as a portal to the Eastern trade routes. It witnessed many revolts and revolutions, changing ownership nine times through the centuries, from Portuguese to Muslim to Swahili and finally to the British.

Haller Park Sanctuary – An ecological miracle, this abandoned limestone quarry was transformed into a verdant park, now hosting populations of hippo, crocodile, giraffe, and buffalo.

Tamarind Dinner Dhow – Enjoy a taste of the East, on this sunset sail aboard an authentic dhow. An elegant dinner complements this uniquely cultural evening.

Your Kenya

Choose the safari experiences that will stir your imagination and fill your soul. Kenya offers excursions over every kind of landscape, home to innumerable wildlife. From the mountains to the forests to the sea, Kenya is your gateway to endless memories of adventure.

Please contact us at Africa Kenya Safaris and share your adventure dreams. We will design a personalized experience that will surpass your expectations.

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Help us create your perfect Safari! Tell us about your travel choices, any unique experiences you desire, and upcoming special occasions.

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