Best Parks to See the Rhinos

The rhino may be the most curious of all the wildlife creatures with its large, squat body and huge centered horn protruding from its head. And though it may look fierce, the rhinoceros is actually quite shy and is nocturnal as well. In fact, you can visit several wildlife parks and may not see a single one.

The trick on your African safari vacation is to explore the parks where there are known to be plenty of rhino sightings. Some of these parks are blessed with an active population of these curious pachyderms. Other reserves have created specific sanctuaries to protect and encourage the breeding of these mostly endangered species.

We can take you to the parks and refuges so you can enjoy encounters with black and white rhinos – an experience sure to remain indelible in your treasure of safari memories.

Nairobi National Park – Kifaru Ark

This very unique park is just minutes from downtown Nairobi but is a true wildlife reserve, complete with lions, cheetah, giraffes… and rhinos. It has been called “Kifaru Ark” – kifaru means “rhinoceros” in Kiswahili.

The park is home to great populations of black rhinos. Protected by a specially designed breeding program, their numbers have become so great the reserve provides rhinos to Kenya’s other parks.

Lake Nakuru National Park

You’ll find exotic water birds, lions, leopards, cheetahs, and giraffes at this Rift Valley lake park. But we’re on the trail for rhinos and this reserve does not disappoint. The park’s rhino sanctuary was the first in Kenya, starting with just two rhinos in 1984.

This population has grown to over 150 rhinos, an especially encouraging development in light of the decline of the overall rhino population across the African continent.

Ol Pejeta Wildlife Sanctuary

This is the closest park to Nairobi where you can spot all of Africa’s “Big Five” – lion, leopard, elephant, buffalo, and… rhino. Though their populations are not great at this park, it does hold one very unique distinction, the last two surviving northern white rhinos make their home here.

At a specially protected sanctuary, you can meet Najin and Fatu, the final surviving members of their sub-species – the only two northern white rhinos left on earth. As the last two members of their species, they are protected around the clock by armed guards and other means of defense against poachers. But here you can get a closeup glimpse of biological history.

Tsavo West National Park

One of Kenya’s oldest and largest parks, it also houses the Ngulia Rhino Sanctuary, a 70 sq km (27 sq mi) enclosure that is home to over 80 rhinos. The good news is their overall population is increasing thanks to the protective measures and breeding programs at sanctuaries like Ngulia.

From a species population 50 years ago of several hundred thousand rhinos across Africa, down to the 20,000 living today in parks and sanctuaries, heroic efforts are being made across the continent to save this wonderful species from the greed of poachers and transnational criminal organizations.

And your tourist dollars are helping to save our beloved rhinos. Just contact us at Africa Kenya Safaris for a chance to see the magnificent rhino.

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