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Safari to Diani Beach!

Lions, leopards, elephants, giraffes, hippos, rhinos, and more. Everyone wants to go on safari. But imagine adding a world-class beach to your safari vacation.  How about starting or finishing your holiday on the world-class Kenya Coast and its crown jewel, Diani Beach? Beautiful, pristine, uncrowded, and sophisticated, Diani Beach rests

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Kenya’s Awesome National Parks

Hear the word ‘safari’ and you’re sure to picture images of Kenya’s National Parks – thousands of herding wildebeests in the Masai Mara; the famous Tsavo Lions at Tsavo East and Tsavo West; and great trains of elephants parading by in Amboseli National Park. Kenya is safari country, and its parks offer the biggest variety, numbers,

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Family Safaris In Kenya

What’s more natural than children and animals? Visit any zoo and you’ll see kids’ natural affinity for our four-legged and winged creatures. Now imagine taking your family on safari to view all sorts of wildlife up close on the savannahs and hills that are their natural home. Kenya is the

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Wildebeests – As Far as You Can See

There’s nothing else on the planet quite like it. Wildebeests by the thousands, then the tens of thousands, and ultimately by the millions, flooding in from the Serengeti, over the Mara River, and into the Masai Mara Reserve. Seen from the air, their awesome numbers stretch clear to the horizon,

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Honeymoon in Kenya

Brilliant sunsets, herds of glistening gazelles, diamond beaches, and luxury safari lodges – could a place be any more romantic? Or a better spot for a honeymoon? Kenya is becoming the new retreat for newlyweds who want a non-traditional experience amongst nature’s pulse-quickening bounty of big cats, great elephants, and

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Nairobi to Diani Beach Safaris

Think of Kenya and images of safaris come to mind – big cats prowling the savannah, vast groups of wildebeests streaming across the Mara River, and mighty herds of elephants proudly marching past towering Mt. Kilimanjaro. Sure Kenya is safaris… but also something more. Did you know that Kenya is

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How to Customize Your Safari Part 1

Just as wildlife comes in all shapes and sizes, so do safari-goers, with their unique wishes, dreams, desires, and interests. Some are attracted to the big game, yet others are thrilled to just sidle up close to a kingfisher or pelican nestled in a shoreline. While some adventurers are happy

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Conservancies – Kenya’s Hidden Parks

Imagine a wildlife area that is off the beaten path, that’s hardly touristed at all but offers intense wildlife sightings. Now add to this, the option to engage in activities like off-road tracking, night safaris, and breakfasts in the bush… things you can’t do in a national park. Then, factor

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What to Pack for Your Safari – Insider Tips – Part I

Believe it or not, your Africa Safari suddenly becomes real when you start packing for your adventure. You’ll be imagining yourself in different scenes: on game drives, framing your camera to catch a big cat, sitting around a campfire or boma after a day of safari action; settling down in

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How to Customize Your Safari Part 2

Welcome back to How to Customize Your Safari  -Part 2. As we pointed out in Part 1, the way you customize your safari all depends on your likes, your taste, your dreams… and your budget. We’ll continue that theme here. If you’re interested in the big cats and elephants, check

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What to Pack for Your Safari – Insider Tips – Part 2

Welcome back to practical packing tips to make your Africa safari more fun, enjoyable, and healthy. You already know to keep valuables, electronics, and medicines with you. And you know that safaris are casual – no need to dress up – just cool, practical clothes, preferably in neutral colors… with

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Ecotourism – Responsible Travel Made Easy

We often hear the word ‘ecotourism’ thrown about, especially when we are planning our travels, and even more so when thinking about going on an Africa safari. So, what exactly is ecotourism and why should we care? Put simply, ecotourism is the concept that when you travel you are aware

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Saving the Animals at Ol Pejeta

Perhaps not the best-known park in Kenya but possibly the most varied, Ol Pejeta is the reserve closest to Nairobi where you can spot all of Africa’s “Big Five” wildlife. But along with the big cats and elephants, the park is a refuge for several endangered species. It’s the only

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Africa’s Fabulous “Big Five”

They are the standouts of any Africa safari, the wildlife that for many define what a journey to the savannah is all about. We’re talking about the iconic and wild forms of lion, leopard, African buffalo, elephant, and rhinoceros. The term ‘Big Five’ goes back to the colonial days of

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Book Your Kenya Summer Safari

Dreaming of getting away to a world of golden savannahs, dense riverine woods, or rolling hills dotted with photogenic acacia trees? Where you can see lions, elephants, giraffes, zebras as close as if you were at a zoo? Except… our parks are no zoo; there are no bars between you

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Dramatic Night Safaris

Picture an Africa safari and you’ll see a 4 x 4 Jeep rumbling over a sunlit savannah tracking for lion, cheetah, elephants, rhinos, and more. But now imagine a different sort of adventure, one where the sun has set and the heat of the day has been replaced by a

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The Fabulous Kenya Coast

What’s more fun than going on an Africa safari in Kenya? Going on that special safari and finishing up at the fabulous Kenya coast. Many safari-goers don’t even know that Kenya is blessed with a pristine 1420 km (882 mi) ribbon of coastline bordering the Indian Ocean. Or that its

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