Booking Your Africa Kenya Safari

You’ve thought about it. You planned and saved for it. And now it’s time for that next exciting step – contacting us and booking your African safari vacation! So take a deep breath and call us (you can use our Whatsapp number). One of our friendly, expert travel advisors will answer and at that moment, your adventure begins!

Why Book A Safari in Kenya?

Picture a safari and you’re likely imagining Kenya’s plains, savannahs, and forests. The red-dusted fields of Tsavo, the green rolling hills of the Masai Mara with their prides of lions, and the great families of elephants marching along in Amboseli Park. Kenya is the home of the safari, where it all began.

Kenya also has a long-developed history of national parks, all overseen and protected by the KWS – the Kenya Wildlife Service. Our country’s many national parks are supported by their well-maintained infrastructure and active anti-poaching initiatives. Kenya is a natural draw for eco-minded safari adventurers.

And you won’t find a better selection of safari lodges or tented camps anywhere else. Whether budget is a big consideration or you are accustomed to luxury and all its trappings, the selection of safari accommodations in Kenya is unmatched.

But Which Kenya Safari Operator?

There are plenty to choose from but please keep these considerations in mind when making your choice – experience, variety, customization, and security.

Your Africa Kenya Safaris team was born in Kenya and grew up on these fields and plains. We’ve been sharing Africa with our friends for over 20 years and know every park, every hill, and every river. We are of this land.

No one offers more types, destinations, and variety of tours than we do. Or, at a better value. And when it comes to creating the perfect safari adventure, no one will work with you in greater detail to give you exactly what you want. Are you into the big cats? Or only elephants? Or do kingfishers, herons, and flamingoes float your boat? Just tell us your wishes and we will design the adventure of your dreams.

How to Book Your Kenya Safari

You’ve done your research and you have at least some idea of what you’d like to see. When you speak with one of our travel experts they’ll ask questions and offer suggestions about the many parks and attractions in our vast safari land.

Hopefully, you have some idea of when you would like to safari and a rough idea of how long your tour should be. However, keep an open mind as you may hear suggestions from our experts that just might point your compass and calendar in a different direction. But whatever your final decisions might be, you’ve already begun the process of exploration as you learn about the many possibilities we offer.

Please let your tour advisor know of any special needs you may have, be they dietary, physical, cultural, or just… uniquely you.

As you can see, booking your Kenya tour with Africa Kenya Safaris is not only easy and informative, it’s the first stirrings of a memorable adventure that will last a lifetime.

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