The Ultimate Open-Air Restaurant

Making cocktails for a sundowner bush dining experience at Losokwan Camp in the Masai Mara

Think of an African safari in Kenya, Tanzania or both and you’ll picture wide-open savannahs alive with lions on the prowl, cheetahs racing over the plains, or great majestic elephants lumbering to nearby watering holes.

But do your safari thoughts include a memorable dining experience? Probably not. You might not even think the food on the safari would be very notable. But, you’d be mistaken because the cuisine you’ll find on your adventure in Africa will easily beat your expectations.

And, adding to this pleasant surprise, you’ll quickly discover there’s nothing better to enhance a safari meal than enjoying it out in the open air – think breakfast under the arbor of a stunning acacia tree or a bush dinner out on the plain, lit only by candles and the evening stars.

Just as the wildlife brings its own magic to your African safari so too does dining out on the savannahs, with its fresh and colorful closeness to the wonders of the natural world all about you.

So, why eat in a restaurant or lodge when you can dine in the ultimate al fresco style – the fields and hills of Africa? 

PLEASE NOTE: Some of the bush dining experiences are dependent on the prevailing weather conditions and some may require a minimum number of people to book. Your Africa Kenya Safaris tour planning manager will advise accordingly.

Bush Lunch - Mara Engai Lodge - Africa Kenya Safaris
Three ladies eating breakfast outside at a Kenyan safari in Shaba National Reserve
Guide socialising with guests during sundowner outdoor dining in Kenya
Outdoor breakfast tables for guests at a Kenya safari lodge

So Many Ways To Dine

Where would you like to take your meals? You could relax at a boma, a fenced-off area used to keep predators at bay, perhaps accompanied by a glowing campfire. Or, how about dining in an open field under a starry sky, with the sounds of the wildlife adding their musical accompaniment to your meal?

The original bush dining experience was created by hunters, still far from home with their fresh kill of the day. They would make a stew and tell stories old and new, sitting by the fire. The night air and the crackle of the roaring fire were the perfect enhancement to their feast.

That’s not too different from what you can experience on your safari today – you’ll be served roasted meats and vegetables in a fresh outdoor setting, alive and adventurous. Long tables can be set up for groups or you can enjoy a more intimate, cozy arrangement for two. Blankets are offered for warmth with lanterns to provide a gentle glow.

You might relish a dinner near a river or lake, with the sounds of hippos and shore birds nearby. Or, imagine your special meal set on the plains with the echoes of the big cats and elephants not far off.

Some dinners are accompanied by traditional dance and singing performances to enhance the cultural feeling of place. Select the setting and style you want. But no matter where and how you enjoy your bush meals, it’s the perfect way to recap the moments of your adventure, tell stories, and feel closer to your safari companions.

And if you are honeymooning, or celebrating a special event like an anniversary, there is nothing quite as romantic as an outdoor candlelit dinner at sunset swathed in the soft evening breezes and the melodic songs of the nearby birdlife.

Breakfast In The Bush

Breakfast out in the wilds can mean a variety of experiences, from a simple repast of coffee and rolls set out on your safari jeep to a full-on English breakfast with eggs, sausage, scones, bacon, fruit, pastries, champagne, and more.

Either way, it’s a lovely time of day to break the nighttime’s fast in the dappled morning light. You could fuel up for your first game drive or take a refreshing mid-morning break from your safari activities.

There might be an open fire for cooking, or a private chef could whip up a magnificent feast on a portable station. Perhaps you’ll be overlooking a watering hole where the elephants or other wildlife will entertain. Or, you may spot a cheetah or leopard on the prowl to amplify the moment. What an incredible way to begin your safari day!

Outdoor breakfast at the Sarova Mara Game Camp in Kenya
Breakfast picnic dining in the Masai Mara in Kenya
Picnic Lunch at Masai Mara aNational Reserve - Africa Kenya Safaris

Lunch - Don’t Stop Your Safari

You may be out on an exciting game drive with sightings of lions, cheetahs, elephants, and more. Instead of pausing the wildlife action and driving back to your lodge for a mid-day meal, why not picnic out in the field, perhaps under the shade of a pepper tree, with the animals in full view?

Lunch in the bush is a more casual affair than breakfast or dinner. Your guide can set up a blanket and provide a selection of cold meats, cheeses, salads, breads, or perhaps premade sandwiches. Nothing too heavy to slow you down for the afternoon game drives to come.

The cuisine may be simple but your appetite will be stimulated by the natural world all about. The birds chirping and the monkeys overhead adding their chatter to the conversation, can only add to the fun of this mid-day culinary spread.

Design Your Bush Dinner / Sundowner

Luxury outdoor dining by lantern light at Sarova Mara Game Camp in the Masai Mara

Are you looking for a romantic bush dinner for two beneath the African sky or are you part of a larger group enjoying your natural camaraderie? Do you desire your dinner steps from your lodge or tented camp, or would you like to experience the day’s end in a wide-open field, with the twilight silhouetting the trees and perhaps distant wildlife?

This is your bush dinner and we will personalize it to accommodate your wishes.

Here is one picturesque scenario: Around sunset, you are driven to a lovely site near a waterfall, a lake, or overlooking a gently rolling plain.  A table has been set for you and your chef is waiting. The area is lit by soft lanterns and a glowing fire.

A popular dinner choice is bar-b-que, an assortment of meats and vegetables grilled over an open fire. But you could also opt for other African-inspired dishes. Entertainment is not unusual in the form of traditional music or even Maasai warriors dancing and singing.

Savored in the night air, the flavors of your meal are as alive as the vibrant world around you. The fire crackles, the moon is aglow and the music thrums to the land’s ancient rhythms.

You may even spot the lit eyes of some nocturnal wildlife in the distance. This is the joy of an authentic nighttime dinner in the African bush.

Join us and we’ll prepare a feast that will be remembered as the most delicious moment of your safari adventure.  


Seeing elephants on safari in Amboseli National Park


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Whatever way you design your 4-day adventure, this safari journey will make lasting impressions and create a meaningful with the land.

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More time. More choices. In these more in-depth safari packages, you can choose to go to the above parks of Tsavo, Amboseli, and Masai Mara. Adding to the list are the Great Rift Valley high-altitude Lake Naivasha and Lake Nakuru, home to colorful birdlife like pelican, cormorant, and pink flamingoes.

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4 Parks: Amboseli, Lake Manyara, Serengeti & Ngorongoro

5 parks: Masai Mara, Lake Victoria/Serengeti/Ngorongoro, & Tarangire 


Safari jeep interior with open top

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