Masai Mara Balloon Safari

Up, Up, And Away….

Awesome Africa Balloon Safari Over the Masai Mara

An incredible Masai Mara safari add-on

Hot Air balloon safari at Masai Mara National Reserve

Ever rise above the earth in a hot air balloon? The ground rapidly recedes as you gain altitude, taking in the surrounding landscapes. It’s just you in the gondola and your pilot aiming your “ship” ever farther – as you float along on the breeze.

Now imagine being on your African safari, rising in your hot air balloon above the rolling hills of the Masai Mara, every moment brings grander vistas of the park below. Peering over the gondola, you can’t miss the great trains of wildebeests coming into the reserve, forming long lines out to the horizon.

Something catches your eye – it’s a family of elephants with their babies in tow, strolling out to a watering hole. Nearby a big cat prowls, on patrol for an errant zebra or gazelle.

As you sail over the tree-tops you see something never spotted from the ground – huge nests suspended in the tree branches each cradling a large white egg.

Everything is different up here – with the light and perspective constantly changing as your pilot fires the gas jets taking the balloon and you ever higher. The sky, the landscapes, and the wildlife below appear endless as you travel with the wind on this unforgettable sky-sailing safari.

Hot Air Balloon in Africa & Rise With the Sun

Literally. As the sun begins its arc in the sky you too will ascend in your balloon. As you rise over the savannah you’ll see the light break over the hills, rivers, and forest, while the wildlife stirs into the new day. 

Accordingly, we must begin our adventure early.

At approximately 5:00am, the ballooning tour company shall collect you from your safari lodge/ tented camp in one of their custom safari jeeps, for a drive to the hot air balloon launch.

Dress warmly, the chill of the night air still lingers… but will burn off within a short time. In about an hour we’ll arrive at the launch site in the Masai Mara. There, your pilot and the ground crew will be firing jets of hot air, slowly giving the balloon its lift.

Enjoy a freshly brewed cup of our famous coffee as you meet your fellow passengers. Soon, your pilot will give you a safety briefing and prepare you for the ballooning experience.

Now, as the sun first starts peeking above the horizon, the gondola is attached to the balloon, and you and your fellow travelers will be helped into the large, sturdy basket. For the next hour, this will be your home in the sky.

A giraffe on a dry grassy plain with a

Pick up for the ride

Please note that pick up time from your safari lodge / tented camp may vary depending on distance from the balloon launch site.

Guides and workers help to land a hot air balloon in the Masai Mara

We Have Lift Off

With an “OK” from the ground crew and a quick blast from the gas jets above, the balloon billows and your gondola edges up from the ground, quickly becoming airborne. In just moments you rise above the trees, your vista expanding to take in the far hills at the horizon.

In just minutes the green expanse of the park fills your field of vision and you’ll spot the wildlife below. Your pilot will also point out notable landmarks and where to look for the animals.

The African currents will move you where they wish, defining the route of your adventure and you’ll relax, embracing this new view of the world on your special adventure.

And Then There’s Breakfast

Floating above the earth you’ll be at one with this great expanse of the natural world. All the features of the park will gently glide beneath and before long your pilot will bring the balloon to an easy landing. The ground crew, which has been following your journey will come to meet you and assist you back into your Jeep.

Back at the launch zone, another crew has been busy preparing a hearty safari breakfast. Seated at long tables placed in a scenic locale, you’ll join with your fellow adventurers and compare fresh moments from your airborne journey.

Now waiters in traditional Kenyan attire will appear, serving fresh juice, eggs in any style you wish, fruit and different types of breads, scones, and flowing champagne.

You’ll relish this perfect meal to finish out what has to be the most perfect safari experience ever.

Breakfast served in a safar park as part of the Masai Mara Hot Air Balloon Safari offered by Africa Kenya Safaris


PersonPrice Per Person in USD
Adult$ 460
Child: between 5 and 12 years75% of adult fee

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Help us create your perfect Safari! Tell us about your travel choices, any unique experiences you desire, and upcoming special occasions.