Our Modern High-Speed Train from Nairobi to Mombasa

Nairobi to Mombasa train interior

Traveling in comfort on Kenya’s swift Express train to the coast is like taking a ride through history. Rail travel, especially this route, has a special place in the hearts of Kenyans. The introduction of trains brought Kenya into the modern age, improving commerce and the lives of its people, creating towns along its route and even the capital of Nairobi.

A ride on the state-of-the-art Madaraka Express is just the latest development of Kenyans’ love affair with its trains. For visitors and safari-goers, this modern rail experience will whisk you from Nairobi to the balmy Kenya coast in record time, even passing through two national parks along the way.

Imagine relaxing in air-conditioned comfort as you gaze through the train’s large windows at the passing landscapes… but not just any fields. You’ll be traveling through the historic Tsavo East and West National Parks, with the opportunity to spot elephants, giraffes, and even big cats like lions and cheetahs! What an unspoiled way to travel on your African safari.

Nairobi to Mombasa Madaraka Express SGR train waiting at platform

A Speedy Solution

Built with the assistance of the Chinese Government, the modern standard gauge railway (SGR) replaced its historic predecessor, the sometimes unreliable “Lunatic Express”, the colonial-era train built by the British in the 19th century.

Madaraka’ means ‘freedom’ in Swahili, and it was with that intent this newest rail line was created, moving passengers from the capital to the coast at speeds of 120 km/h (75 mph), reaching its destination in about 6 hours. Compare that to the 16 to 20 hours of its predecessor.

The 3.8 billion dollar railway offers every contemporary amenity, from wide comfortable seats with charging stations to free WiFi to a convenient buffet car offering snacks and sandwiches. Plus, there are dedicated and secure areas for your luggage. 

A Train Safari?

The Madaraka Express may be the easiest way to reach the coast or the capital while still enjoying the heartland of Kenya and its wildlife. But there’s another way to incorporate the speedy train into your safari adventure.

At Africa Kenya Safaris, you can adventure out with us in our 4 x 4 Jeeps to the great wildlife parks like the Masai Mara, Amboseli, or Tsavo, and then finish up on the Express, headed to the coast. There are several convenient stations near the parks.

Your safari will continue in air-conditioned comfort as you traverse through the Tsavo Parks, on the lookout for the many elephants and other animals roaming these stately plains. The train’s route is elevated for safety and gives you an even more commanding view of the savannah, and its great population of animals.

Arriving in Mombasa, the train glides to a stop at the modern station that features restaurants, shops, and lounges. One of our drivers can meet you there and bring you to your hotel or resort.

What a far cry from the original colonial train that brought Kenya into the 20th century.

Nairobi to Mombasa Madaraka Express SGR train travelling though the Kenya countryside
Salt Lick Safari Lodge in Tsavo West National Park
Lunatic express train in Kenya - Africa Kenya Safaris

The Lunatic Express Was Foretold

The old train was the brainchild of the British as they constructed their domination of Africa in the 19th century. But the train’s emergence had even older and more mystical origins.

It was foretold by a Kamba medicine woman named Syokimau who prophesied the days when a long iron snake belching fire and smoke would slither from the Indian Ocean and wander across the plains. Syokimau spoke of foreigners with red wiry hair who would bring the snake and with it tremendous change, plundering cattle and destroying the land.

And so it came it be, though not without incredible challenges. At an incredible projected cost of 5 million pounds, work began in 1896. From the start, the native people, the wildlife, and the rugged terrain created almost insurmountable obstacles for the British engineers and the 32,000 Indian workers who were brought in to build the railway. 

Accidents, disease, and attacks by lions and the local tribal people took a heavy toll during the almost five years of construction, in which 2,500 workers lost their lives. But finally, in 1899 the newly named Uganda Railway reached the tiny village of Nyrobi (later Nairobi) and train service began.

Kenya’s Lifeline

Though slow and a bit rickety, the line was called the Uganda Railway, also the Permanent Way… and sometimes disparagingly, the Lunatic Express. Nevertheless, it became the main artery for transport across the country. Along its route settlements popped up, trade increased and the railway fed the needs of a growing country. And as the country grew so did Nairobi, soon to become the capital of the nation.

Many of the Indian workers who labored to build the railway, about 7,000, decided to make Kenya their home and formed the beginnings of the country’s Indian community.

However, by the turn of the 21st century, the railway had grown dilapidated and travel times to the coast actually increased. A new more modern rail line was needed, capable of moving passengers and freight at higher speeds and more reliably throughout the inland country and to the coast.

Thus, the standard gauge Madaraka Express was born.

SGR Nairobi to Mombasa train schedule -Nairobi terminus - Africa Kenya Safaris
Mombasa Terminus for the Nairobi to Mombasa Madaraka Express SGR train

On-Time And Online

Completed in about two and a half years, the Madaraka Express began its freight service on May 30th, 2017, with passenger service starting the following day.

The new train service has been fast, safe, secure, and scenic – a big departure from the days of billowing steam engines crossing questionable wooden trestle bridges. Today you can book your tickets online and pay with your cell phone.

The railway has since expanded and now services thirteen destinations. Three trains depart each day, simultaneously from Nairobi and Mombasa at 8:00 am, 3:00 pm, and 10:00 pm. This last, the Night Train, is a dedicated express, skipping all local stops along its route, and can reach the other side of the country in about five hours.

With stops at Emali, Mtito Andei & Voi

Nairobi to Mombasa Schedule (InterCounty)

Nairobi (Intercounty)Emali (Near Amboseli)Mtito Andei (Tsavo West)Voi (Tsavo East)Mombasa

Nairobi to Mombasa Schedule (Express)

Nairobi (Express)Emali (Near Amboseli)Mtito Andei (Tsavo West)Voi (Tsavo East)Mombasa
3:00pm (Afternoon Train)6:48pm8:30pm
10:00pm (Night Train)3:35 am

Mombasa to Nairobi Schedule (InterCounty)

MombasaVoi (Tsavo East)Mtito Andei (Tsavo West)Emali (Near Amboseli)Nairobi


Mombasa to Nairobi Schedule (Express)

Mombasa (Express)Emali (Near Amboseli)Mtito Andei (Tsavo West)Voi (Tsavo East)Nairobi
3:00pm (Afternoon Train)4:36pm8:18pm
10:00pm (Night Train)3:35 am

Kenya SGR Facts & FAQs

Welcome to Africa Kenya Safaris’ comprehensive FAQ about the Kenya Standard Gauge Railway (SGR). Embark on a journey through our informative guide to learn all about this cutting-edge railway system that connects the vibrant cities of Nairobi and Mombasa. We aim to provide you with valuable insights into the SGR’s history, future plans, ticketing information, and much more. Whether you’re a local commuter or an adventurous traveler, our FAQ will equip you with essential details to make the most of your SGR experience, ensuring a smooth and unforgettable railway adventure through Kenya’s captivating landscapes. Let’s dive in and explore the marvels of the Kenya SGR together!

SGR stands for “Standard Gauge Railway” in Kenya.

The Standard Gauge Railway is a modern railway network that plays a crucial role in transforming the country’s transportation and trade infrastructure. It is a major development project that aims to enhance efficiency and connectivity within Kenya and beyond its borders.

When was the SGR launched?

The SGR was officially launched in 2017 and has since become an essential mode of transportation for both passengers and freight. This state-of-the-art railway system offers a fast, safe, and reliable means of travel, connecting major cities and regions across Kenya, contributing to the country’s economic growth and development.

As a leading safari tour provider, Africa Kenya Safaris values the convenience and accessibility that the SGR provides, making it easier for travellers to access the country’s breathtaking national parks and experience the wonders of Kenya’s wildlife and landscapes.

The Madaraka Express, Kenya’s modern Standard Gauge Railway (SGR) system, offers an unparalleled opportunity to journey through two of the country’s most renowned safari parks. As one of the most convenient and efficient modes of travel, the Madaraka Express takes travellers on a scenic ride, traversing through captivating landscapes and offering glimpses of incredible wildlife along the way.

Tsavo East and Tsavo West National Parks – Vast Wilderness and Diverse Wildlife

Continuing on the Madaraka Express, travellers are treated to views of Tsavo East and Tsavo West National Parks, collectively known as Tsavo. These vast wilderness areas offer a unique safari encounter, with diverse landscapes ranging from open savannahs to dense forests. Keep an eye out for the famous “Red Elephants” of Tsavo, known for dusting their bodies with the park’s rich red soil. The journey through Tsavo also presents opportunities to spot lions, leopards, buffalos, and an abundance of birdlife, making it a paradise for wildlife enthusiasts.

See Iconic Safari Wildlife by Train

Embark on an unforgettable safari adventure with the Madaraka Express, traversing through Tsavo East and Tsavo West National Parks. Africa Kenya Safaris ensures a seamless and memorable travel experience, combining the convenience of the SGR with the captivating wildlife encounters in Kenya’s iconic safari parks. Whether you’re a nature enthusiast or a seasoned safari-goer, the Madaraka Express promises an extraordinary journey filled with incredible moments and unforgettable memories.

Embarking on a journey aboard the Nairobi to Mombasa Standard Gauge Railway (SGR) presents a unique opportunity to catch glimpses of fascinating wildlife from the comfort of your train carriage. As the train traverses through Kenya’s diverse landscapes, travellers may be treated to delightful encounters with a variety of safari animals, adding a touch of adventure to the scenic ride.

Wildlife Along the Tsavo Route – Tsavo East and Tsavo West National Parks

As the SGR glides through the vast wilderness of Tsavo East and Tsavo West National Parks, you may have the chance to spot a plethora of wildlife species. Tsavo is renowned for its “Red Elephants,” a subspecies with a distinctive red hue, obtained from the park’s rich, reddish soil. Look out for elephants of all sizes, gracefully moving through the savannah. Keep an eye on the treetops for giraffes and listen for the calls of different bird species that inhabit this diverse ecosystem. With a bit of luck, you might even spot elusive big cats like lions and leopards, lounging under the shade of acacia trees.

Embark on a memorable train journey aboard the SGR from Nairobi to Mombasa and be prepared for an exciting wildlife safari experience. Africa Kenya Safaris ensures that the SGR journey is not just about the destination but also about the incredible wildlife encounters along the way. As you glide through Tsavo National Park, keep your eyes peeled for elephants, giraffes, big cats, and an array of bird species, making your journey an unforgettable safari adventure.

Embark on a remarkable adventure aboard the Nairobi to Mombasa Standard Gauge Railway (SGR) and experience the convenience of modern rail travel combined with breathtaking views of Kenya’s picturesque landscapes. The SGR offers an efficient and comfortable means of transportation, allowing travellers to cover the distance between Nairobi and Mombasa in a fraction of the time it takes by road.

Swift and Efficient: The Duration of the SGR Journey

The SGR journey from Nairobi to Mombasa covers a distance of approximately 472 kilometers (293 miles). The express service, which operates daily, takes approximately 6 hours to complete the entire journey. With high-speed trains designed for comfort and efficiency, the SGR offers travellers a swift and seamless passage between the capital city of Nairobi and the coastal gem of Mombasa.

Scenic Vistas and Natural Wonders Along the Way

The SGR route traverses through diverse landscapes, offering passengers captivating views of Kenya’s stunning scenery. As the train glides through the vast plains of Tsavo, travellers can relish in the sight of wildlife, such as elephants and giraffes, gracing the savannah. The journey also provides glimpses of Mount Kilimanjaro, the tallest peak in Africa, towering in the distance as the train approaches Amboseli National Park.

An Unforgettable Experience: Safari on Rails

The SGR journey from Nairobi to Mombasa is not just a mode of transport; it’s a remarkable safari experience on rails. Travelers have the opportunity to spot wildlife and absorb the breathtaking landscapes as they relax in the modern comfort of the train. The SGR allows you to witness the beauty of Kenya’s wildlife and natural wonders, all while traveling swiftly between two iconic destinations.

Experience the convenience and beauty of the SGR journey from Nairobi to Mombasa with Africa Kenya Safaris. Revel in the picturesque views, spot wildlife, and enjoy a seamless and comfortable travel experience. The SGR journey is not merely a means of reaching your destination; it’s a memorable safari adventure that connects you with the captivating essence of Kenya’s natural treasures.

The Nairobi to Mombasa Standard Gauge Railway (SGR) offers a convenient and modern mode of travel for those embarking on a journey between these two iconic Kenyan cities. Checking seat availability on the SGR is a straightforward process, ensuring that travellers can plan their trips with ease and convenience.

1. Online Booking: A Hassle-Free Option

To check seat availability on the SGR, the easiest and most convenient method is through online booking. The official SGR website provides a user-friendly platform where travellers can effortlessly check seat availability, select their preferred travel dates and class, and make their reservations in just a few clicks. The online system allows passengers to view the number of available seats in real-time, providing a seamless booking experience.

2. Ticketing Offices: In-Person Assistance

For travellers who prefer in-person assistance, the SGR also offers ticketing offices at major stations, including Nairobi Terminus and Mombasa Terminus. At these ticketing offices, passengers can inquire about seat availability, receive personalized guidance from helpful staff, and secure their tickets for a comfortable journey on the SGR. The ticketing offices are equipped with modern facilities to ensure a smooth and efficient ticket booking process.

3. Plan Ahead: Book in Advance

To secure your preferred seats and travel dates, it is advisable to plan ahead and book your SGR tickets in advance. Especially during peak travel seasons, early booking ensures you have a seat on your desired train and class. The SGR is a popular mode of transport, and planning ahead guarantees you a hassle-free and enjoyable journey as you explore the scenic beauty of Kenya between Nairobi and Mombasa.

Experience the convenience of booking your SGR seats with Africa Kenya Safaris, where we provide comprehensive travel support to ensure you have a memorable and seamless journey. Whether you opt for online booking or visit the ticketing offices, securing your SGR seats is a breeze, allowing you to focus on the excitement of your upcoming adventure along the captivating railway route.

The Kenya Standard Gauge Railway (SGR) leaves Mombasa and arrives at its final destination, Nairobi Terminus, at the following times:

  • Intercounty: departs from Mombasa 8am, arrives at Nairobi 2.10pm
  • Afternoon Express: departs from Mombasa 3pm, arrives at Nairobi 8.18pm
  • Night Express: departs from Mombasa 10pm, arrives at Nairobi 3.35am

The journey takes around 5-6 hours, offering travellers a swift and efficient passage from the coastal gem of Mombasa to the bustling capital city of Nairobi.

An Efficient and Comfortable Journey: The SGR Experience

The SGR provides travellers with a comfortable and modern mode of transport, allowing them to enjoy the scenic views of Kenya’s diverse landscapes during their journey. The train is equipped with spacious and comfortable seating, ensuring a relaxing experience for passengers throughout the ride. Travelers can make use of the onboard amenities, such as Wi-Fi connectivity, to stay connected and entertained during their trip.

Exploring Nairobi: After the SGR Arrival

Upon arrival in Nairobi, travellers can immerse themselves in the vibrant culture and exciting attractions that the city has to offer. From iconic landmarks like the Nairobi National Park, where wildlife roams amidst an urban backdrop, to the bustling markets and delicious local cuisine, Nairobi is a melting pot of experiences for all visitors. For those who wish to continue their safari adventure, Nairobi serves as a gateway to several nearby national parks and wildlife conservancies, where you can witness the rich biodiversity of Kenya.

Experience the convenience and efficiency of the SGR journey from Mombasa to Nairobi with Africa Kenya Safaris. Arriving at Nairobi Terminus at various times during the afternoon, evening and nighttime, the SGR ensures a timely arrival for travellers to explore the vibrant city and its surrounding attractions. Whether you are traveling for business or leisure, the SGR provides a seamless and comfortable travel experience, making your journey an enjoyable part of your adventure in Kenya.

The Standard Gauge Railway (SGR) Madaraka Express in Kenya is owned and operated by the Kenya Railways Corporation (KRC), a state corporation under the Ministry of Transport, Infrastructure, Housing, Urban Development, and Public Works. The SGR project is a significant national endeavor aimed at modernizing Kenya’s transportation infrastructure, promoting economic growth, and enhancing connectivity between major cities and regions in the country.

A Government-led Initiative: Transforming Kenya’s Rail Network

The construction and implementation of the SGR project began in 2014, with the aim of replacing the aging and slower meter-gauge railway with a modern and efficient standard gauge railway. The SGR is a testament to Kenya’s commitment to advancing its railway network to meet the demands of a growing economy and population. With its high-speed trains, the SGR significantly reduces travel time between Nairobi and Mombasa, making it an attractive mode of transport for both passengers and cargo.

A Symbol of Progress and National Pride

The SGR Madaraka Express is a symbol of progress and national pride for Kenya. It reflects the country’s dedication to investing in cutting-edge infrastructure and enhancing its transportation sector. The SGR not only improves travel efficiency and comfort but also contributes to the development of tourism and trade, facilitating the movement of goods and people across the country. As a key player in Kenya’s transportation landscape, the SGR plays a pivotal role in fostering economic growth and creating opportunities for the nation’s prosperity.

Experience the pride and progress of Kenya’s SGR Madaraka Express with Africa Kenya Safaris. As you embark on your railway journey between Nairobi and Mombasa, marvel at the testament to Kenya’s commitment to modernization and development. The SGR represents a national vision for a brighter future, enhancing travel and trade while showcasing the best of Kenya’s ingenuity and determination to thrive in the global stage.

To check your SGR booking, you can review your email confirmation and view essential details such as your travel dates, whether you are travelling economy or first class, and your departure times. You can also contact the SGR train customer service helpline on 0709907000, 0709907555 or 0709388887 with any questions you might have about your journey booking.

Efficient Inquiries at Ticketing Offices

For travellers who prefer in-person assistance, the SGR also has ticketing offices at major stations, such as Nairobi Terminus and Mombasa Terminus. At these offices, dedicated staff members are available to assist you with any inquiries regarding your SGR booking. Whether you have questions about your travel itinerary, seat allocation, or any other concerns, the ticketing offices offer personalized service to ensure that your journey goes smoothly.

Peace of Mind for Your SGR Train Journey

By checking your SGR booking, you can have peace of mind knowing that your travel arrangements are in order. The SGR is a popular mode of transport, and confirming your booking ensures that you have secured your seat on your desired train and class. Having checked your email confirmation, you can focus on enjoying your journey and the scenic beauty of Kenya along the way.

Experience the convenience and efficiency of managing your SGR booking with Africa Kenya Safaris. For safaris including SGR train travel, we ensure that your SGR journey is a seamless and enjoyable experience. Travel with confidence and embark on your adventure through Kenya’s captivating landscapes with the assurance that your booking details are easily accessible and well taken care of.

The Nairobi Standard Gauge Railway (SGR) Terminus is strategically located in the heart of Kenya’s bustling capital city. Situated in the Syokimau area, the Nairobi Terminus serves as the starting point for an unforgettable railway journey connecting Nairobi to the coastal gem of Mombasa. Its central location makes it easily accessible to both local and international travellers, offering convenient transportation options for those embarking on safari adventures, business trips, or leisure getaways.

Accessible Location: Syokimau

The Nairobi SGR Terminus is located in the Syokimau area, just a short distance from the city centre. Syokimau is a vibrant and well-connected neighbourhood, known for its accessibility and proximity to various key locations within Nairobi. Travelers can easily reach the Nairobi Terminus by private vehicles, taxis, or rideshare services, ensuring a smooth journey to begin their SGR experience.

Modern Facilities and Services

The Nairobi SGR Terminus offers modern facilities and services for the convenience and comfort of travellers. The station features well-equipped ticketing counters and waiting areas, providing a pleasant atmosphere for passengers as they prepare for their railway journey. Whether you are embarking on a safari adventure or traveling for business, the Nairobi Terminus offers essential amenities to ensure a seamless start to your trip.

Gateway to Unforgettable Adventures

Beyond its practicality, the Nairobi SGR Terminus also serves as a gateway to Kenya’s captivating landscapes and wildlife-rich national parks. Travelers can easily access nearby attractions such as Nairobi National Park, where they can witness wildlife roaming against an urban backdrop. The Terminus is a starting point for memorable safari tours offered by Africa Kenya Safaris, connecting travellers to the wonders of Amboseli, Tsavo, and other iconic safari destinations.

Experience the convenience and adventure that the Nairobi SGR Terminus offers with Africa Kenya Safaris. Whether you are starting your journey to explore Kenya’s wildlife and natural wonders or embarking on a leisurely trip to the coast, the Nairobi Terminus is your gateway to unforgettable experiences in the enchanting land of Kenya.

The Mombasa Standard Gauge Railway (SGR) Terminus is strategically located in the vibrant coastal city of Mombasa, Kenya. Situated in the Miritini area, the Mombasa Terminus serves as the final destination for an exciting railway journey connecting Mombasa to the capital city of Nairobi. Its prime location near the coast makes it a convenient entry point for travellers seeking to explore the pristine beaches, rich history, and cultural charm of Mombasa and its surroundings.

Coastal Convenience: Miritini, Mombasa

The Mombasa SGR Terminus is situated in Miritini, a suburb located just a short drive from Mombasa’s city centre. The location offers easy access to the stunning Indian Ocean beaches, allowing travellers to seamlessly transition from their railway journey to enjoying the coastal beauty of Mombasa. Whether you are arriving for a beach holiday or continuing your adventure to explore other coastal destinations, the Mombasa Terminus provides a convenient and well-connected starting point.

Modern Amenities and Services

The Mombasa SGR Terminus features modern amenities and services to ensure the comfort and convenience of passengers. Travellers will find well-equipped ticketing counters, waiting areas, and facilities for a smooth boarding process. The Terminus is designed to provide a welcoming atmosphere, reflecting the warmth and hospitality of the coastal region.

Exploring Coastal Treasures

Beyond being a transportation hub, the Mombasa SGR Terminus opens the door to explore the wonders of the Kenyan coast. Mombasa is a treasure trove of rich history and cultural heritage, with attractions like Fort Jesus and the Old Town showcasing the city’s diverse past. Travellers can also venture beyond Mombasa to explore popular coastal destinations like Diani Beach, Watamu, and Malindi, each offering unique experiences of white sandy shores and turquoise waters.

Embrace the coastal charm of Mombasa with Africa Kenya Safaris as you begin your journey at the Mombasa SGR Terminus. From historical landmarks to idyllic beaches, the Terminus serves as your gateway to discovering the delights of Kenya’s coastal region. Whether you’re starting your beach holiday or continuing your safari adventure, the Mombasa Terminus welcomes you with open arms to the enchanting coastal paradise of Kenya.

The Standard Gauge Railway (SGR) in Kenya boasts an impressive passenger-carrying capacity, making it a highly efficient and popular mode of transportation. The SGR trains have the capability to carry over 1,200 passengers per journey, offering a substantial number of seats to accommodate the high demand for travel between Nairobi and Mombasa. With this large capacity, the SGR provides a convenient and comfortable travel option for both local commuters and tourists exploring the scenic beauty of Kenya.

High-Speed Trains: Efficient Transportation

The SGR operates state-of-the-art high-speed trains designed for efficiency and comfort. These trains are equipped with spacious seating arrangements and modern amenities, providing a pleasant journey for all passengers. The ability to carry over 1,200 passengers per trip ensures that a significant number of travellers can experience the convenience and speed of railway travel, reducing travel time between Nairobi and Mombasa to approximately 4.5 to 5 hours.

Meeting High Demand: A Preferred Choice

The SGR’s impressive passenger capacity is a response to the growing demand for reliable and efficient transportation between Nairobi and Mombasa. As one of the most popular travel routes in Kenya, the SGR plays a crucial role in connecting major cities and regions, as well as supporting tourism and trade. Its ability to accommodate a substantial number of passengers per journey ensures that travellers have access to convenient travel options, making it a preferred choice for both business and leisure travel.

A Seamless Train Travel Experience

With its vast passenger capacity, the SGR provides a seamless travel experience for travellers embarking on their journey between Nairobi and Mombasa. Passengers can easily secure their seats through the online booking system or ticketing offices, ensuring a smooth boarding process. The SGR’s commitment to efficient and timely service ensures that each journey is a pleasant and enjoyable experience for all travellers.

Experience the convenience and efficiency of the SGR’s high passenger capacity with Africa Kenya Safaris. Whether you are a local commuter or a visitor exploring Kenya’s beauty, the SGR offers a high-volume transport solution, connecting you to iconic destinations with ease and comfort. Join the many travellers who have embraced the SGR as their preferred mode of transport and embark on a memorable railway adventure through Kenya’s picturesque landscapes.

The construction and implementation of the Standard Gauge Railway (SGR) in Kenya involved a substantial financial investment. The total cost of the SGR project, which includes the Nairobi-Mombasa phase, was approximately $3.6 billion. This ambitious infrastructure project was part of the Kenyan government’s vision to modernize and upgrade the country’s railway network, providing a high-speed and efficient mode of transport for passengers and cargo between major cities and regions.

A Game-Changing Project: Nairobi-Mombasa Phase

The SGR’s Nairobi-Mombasa phase, which was the initial segment of the railway, covered a distance of approximately 480 kilometers. The project’s cost encompassed various aspects, such as the construction of the railway tracks, stations, and terminals, as well as the acquisition of modern locomotives and rolling stock. The Nairobi-Mombasa SGR was officially launched in May 2017, offering travellers a faster and more reliable alternative to the older meter-gauge railway.

Enhancing Economic Growth and Connectivity

Despite its significant cost, the SGR project is viewed as a crucial investment in Kenya’s infrastructure and transportation sector. The modernization of the railway network aims to boost economic growth, enhance trade, and improve connectivity between different parts of the country. The SGR’s efficient transportation capacity for both passengers and freight contributes to the ease of doing business and fosters development in various sectors of the economy.

Long-Term Vision for Kenya’s Progress

The cost of the Kenyan SGR reflects the government’s commitment to creating a modern and integrated transport system that aligns with the nation’s long-term development goals. As the country’s flagship railway project, the SGR represents Kenya’s determination to embrace progress and innovation in its pursuit of economic prosperity. The SGR’s completion is a testament to the nation’s vision for a brighter future and its efforts to provide its citizens and visitors with enhanced travel experiences and greater connectivity.

Experience the impact of the Kenyan SGR project with Africa Kenya Safaris as you embark on your railway journey between Nairobi and Mombasa. The SGR represents a symbol of Kenya’s dedication to progress, offering travelers a seamless and enjoyable travel experience. Discover the wonders of Kenya’s diverse landscapes and rich culture, and appreciate the significance of the SGR as a transformative infrastructure project that shapes the nation’s development path.

The Standard Gauge Railway (SGR) in Kenya operates on electricity as its primary fuel source. The trains that run on the SGR are powered by electricity, making it an eco-friendly and sustainable mode of transport. The use of electric-powered trains aligns with the Kenyan government’s commitment to reducing the environmental impact of transportation and promoting green initiatives.

Electrification for Efficiency

Electrification of the SGR provides several advantages over traditional diesel-powered trains. Electric trains are known for their efficiency and faster acceleration, allowing for reduced travel times and increased passenger capacity. The use of electricity as a fuel source also results in lower operating costs and maintenance requirements, making the SGR an economically viable and sustainable transportation solution.

Embracing Green Technology

By using electricity as its primary fuel source, the SGR demonstrates Kenya’s commitment to embracing green technology and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. As a key player in the nation’s transportation landscape, the SGR sets an example for sustainable practices in the railway sector. The electrification of the SGR contributes to the nation’s efforts in mitigating climate change and promoting environmentally friendly infrastructure.

Contributing to a Greener Future

The decision to power the SGR with electricity reflects the government’s vision for a greener and more sustainable future. By transitioning from traditional fuel sources to cleaner alternatives, Kenya takes a step towards reducing its carbon footprint and preserving its natural resources. The SGR’s use of electricity as fuel serves as an inspiration for other transportation systems to adopt eco-friendly practices, making the railway sector a key player in promoting sustainable development in the country.

Experience the eco-conscious journey of the SGR with Africa Kenya Safaris as you embark on your railway adventure through Kenya’s picturesque landscapes. With electricity as its primary fuel source, the SGR showcases Kenya’s dedication to greener and more efficient transportation solutions. Travel with a sense of environmental responsibility and discover the beauty of Kenya’s diverse ecosystems, knowing that your railway journey contributes to a greener future for generations to come.


You can as well be dropped off at your beach resort in Mombasa, Malindi, Watamu & Kilifi at no extra cost)

Africa Kenya Safaris offers adventurous journeys to all of Kenya’s most spectacular wildlife parks, with options of continuing to the coast on our modern Madarka Express train. So come ride into the future while traveling through the land and wildlife that has always made Africa so special.

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Elephants seen on an East African safari with Africa Kenya Safaris

Three-Day Safaris

If you don’t have a lot of time but want to get a taste of the safari life, try one of these excursions before heading off to the beach. Tsavo East and Tsavo West are big parks with lots of big game to discover – lions, leopards, elephants and so much more. Amboseli Park guarantees the majesty of world-famous Mt. Kilimanjaro and numerous sightings of great free-ranging elephants.

Four and Five-Day Safaris

You’ll have more time to explore the parks and settle into that safari rhythm on these longer tours. In addition to Tsavo East, Tsavo West, and Amboseli, your choices expand to include Kenya’s most popular park, Masai Mara. The reserve is thick with the big cats and thousands of herding wildebeests and zebras during the Great Migration

Safari animals in Mount Kenya National Park with the moutain visible in the distance
Flamingos stood in Lake Bogoria

Six, Seven & Nine-Day Safaris

These safaris are enough time to become a seasoned safari-goer. You’ll have plenty of time to visit three or even four parks on this extended safari excursion. Your choices of parks to explore include Tsavo East, Tsavo West, Amboseli, the Masai Mara, and two additional reserves – Lake Naivasha and Lake Nakuru – home to immense birdlife, rhinos, and even sailing safaris.


Seeing elephants on safari in Amboseli National Park
Elephants wallowing in mud at David Sheldrick Elephant Orphanage Nairobi Kenya


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Experience the best of both worlds - a thrilling Kenya safari and a memorable Diani beach vacation


Experience the best of both worlds - a thrilling Kenya safari and a dream Diani beach vacation

Giraffe encounters at Nairobi Giraffe Centre


Join our exciting Kenya short Group safari Tours from Nairobi in 4x4 safari jeeps

Exciting 4x4 Tanzania safaris from Arusha town


Book Exciting 4x4 Tanzania safaris from Arusha town. Explore Serengeti, Ngorongoro, Manyara, Tarangire e.t.c.

Zanzibar Beach holidays - Africa Kenya Safaris


Pre/post your African safari holiday in Kenya & Tanzania, 'escape' to Africa's leading beach destination - Zanzibar!

Africa mountain climbing adventures climb mount Kenya and mount Kilimanajaro


Africa mountain climbing adventure tours. Climb Mount Kenya and Mount Kilimanjaro

Africa beach holiday vacations - Africa Kenya Safaris


Enjoy a deserved holiday on the sandy beaches of Mombasa, Diani, Malindi, Watamu, Lamu & Zanzibar

Bush Lunch - Mara Engai Lodge - Africa Kenya Safaris


From the amazing wildlife in the vast savannah to beautiful beaches, Kenya & Tanzania are destinations you won’t want to miss on your tour to Africa.

Buy experiences, not things.....

African man dressed in cultural clothing, with a backdrop of the Samburu National Reserve

From the amazing wildlife in the vast savannah to beautiful beaches, Kenya & Tanzania are destinations you won’t want to miss on your tour to Africa.

You came to Africa to live an experience – to see the lions, leopards, and great marching elephants up close. You’re here to take in the sweep of the painted landscapes, and the immediacy of the local people and their cultures. You traveled all this way for the unusual, the dramatic, and the exotic.

And that’s what we strive to give you throughout your African safari with us.

Want to explore even further to enhance your adventure? We can help you dig deeper into our magical world of safari and discover more personal and emotional activities to fully immerse you in your safari journey.

Just call, WhatsApp, email us or fill online enquiry form  and one of our friendly travel advisors will have you on the road to adventure – your own personalized safari.

©Photo & video credits: Ol Pejeta Conservancy, Governors Camps Collection, Mara Predator Project & Ewaso Lions

Safari jeep interior with open top

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Help us create your perfect Safari! Tell us about your travel choices, any unique experiences you desire, and upcoming special occasions.

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Tour Information

Help us create your perfect Safari! Tell us about your travel choices, any unique experiences you desire, and upcoming special occasions.