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Discover and capture a lit dreamscape with photo safaris around Kenya & Tanzania

The Great Wildebeest migration safari tours in Masai Mara Kenya and Serengeti Tanzania | Africa Kenya Safaris

Lions. Leopards. Cheetahs. Elephants. Giraffes. Rhinos. Wildebeests. And Zebras.

To see them up close is always startling and dramatic. You want to linger over this wildlife, to somehow capture the electric instant you “meet”. Naturally, you reach for your camera and compose your frame. Your 4 x4 Jeep is perfectly positioned to catch the best angle and that gleam in the elephant’s eye. And just like that, you’ve made time stand still… a moment soon to be shared with friends and family.

This is the beauty of a safari and especially our photographic safaris in Kenya and Tanzania. We know just how to get you up close to that skittish herd of gazelles or an elusive leopard lurking overhead, the sun’s last rays lighting up its spotted coat.

We are intimate with the rich canvas of Africa and have been bringing folks on safari for twenty-plus years. If you’re a beginning photographer or an established pro, our expert guides and naturalists have the experience to land you in the most photogenic locations where it’s practically impossible to take a bad photo.

Just call, WhatsApp, email us or fill online enquiry form  and one of our friendly travel advisors will have you on the road to adventure – your own personalized safari.

Take Photos During The Golden Hour

That’s the time around sunrise and sunset when the light is the softest and literally “golden”. Everything – the land and the wildlife – seems to give off an ethereal glow.

We will design your game drives to take advantage of nature’s best lighting. On our safaris, you’ll capture bursting sunrises with the wildlife gently stepping out into the morning mists. Your expert guide knows how to set up your 4 x 4 Jeep for the optimal photographic position.

He is also skilled at anticipating where a pride of lions may appear or how to spot some colorful baboons up in the trees.

On an Africa Kenya Safaris photographic safari, your day will be busy with such sightings and opportunities to bring home brilliant lasting images.

And, by polishing your craft consistently in the best photo workshop in the world – the fields and savannahs of Africa – your abilities will quickly improve.

Masai Mara Kenya safaris - Africa safari holidays - Africa Kenya Safaris
Elephant walking past a lake full of flamingos seen on safari with Africa Kenya Safaris
Watching elephants from an open top safari jeep while on a safari tour with Africa Kenya Safaris
Elephants seen on safari with Africa Kenya Safaris

A Day On a Photographic Safari

As with most safaris, we want to be up early, perhaps pre-dawn to catch the first rays of the new morning. This is also a quiet time when the wildlife is first stirring.

We’ll set up for a glorious sunrise. And then the animals step lightly from their nocturnal shelters seeking water and sustenance. You raise your camera for the first images of the day.

Your 4 x 4 Jeep is an excellent shooting platform. Besides being equipped with binoculars and lots of cold bottled water, we also provide our safari photographers with sandbags on which to balance their cameras.

The Jeep’s pop-top roof allows for unobstructed views in all directions so you can follow that racing cheetah across the plains.

On some of our photographic safaris, we also provide open-sided Jeeps. These special vehicles allow you unobstructed views right from your seat!

After a busy morning, we may want to rest at our accommodation during the hottest part of the day. However, our photographic safaris are fully customizable, so you can decide just how much time you want to spend out in the bush and savannah.

Come late afternoon, the light softens once more and we’ll take advantage of the orange and pink shading to find more wildlife against the colorful backdrop of a setting sun.

Your Patience Rewarded

As you gain experience as a safari-goer, especially on a photographic safari, you’ll realize how developing a sense of calm and patience will pay off with animal sightings. Sometimes you’ll discover that pride of lions right away. Other times, some perseverance is needed as you learn to let the forces of nature come your way.

Depending on your choice of parks or conservancies, we can also arrange for night game drives. We’ll provide the best advice for safely photographing the big and small game after dark.

And tomorrow we will start anew at one of Kenya’s or Tanzania’s beautiful wildlife parks and reserves.

When To Go On a Photographic Safari?

There is no downtime in Africa – year-round the animals and birdlife are foraging, grazing, prowling, or migrating. There is so much to see, it just depends on your interests.

Many safari-goers flock to the Masai Mara from July to October to witness the millions of herding wildebeests during this part of the Great Migration.

January through March is when many of the migratory bird species alight in East Africa, a wonderful time for capturing these colorful winged creatures.

The calving season in the Ndutu region of Serengeti Park is also an unmatched spectacle. From December through March, the cries and first steps of over half a million baby animals fill these great fields.

Just let us know your preferences and we will plan your photographic safari to suit your interests.

A herd of wildebeest being observed by safari jeeps
James Mwangi - Safari guide at Africa Kenya Safaris

Connect To The Land

To really understand this world of unending wildlife, vast savannahs, and deep acacia forests it’s important to connect with its history and culture. This will only enhance your appreciation and its expression through your photography.

Our experienced guides will share their knowledge of the parks, the animals, the process of the migrations, and importantly, the indigenous people that we can meet on the safari trail. Arriving at a Maasai village with some insight into their lifestyle will create a stronger connection to your safari experience.

East Africa's Very Best Photographic Safari Tours in Open Top Jeeps

Watching elephants from an open top safari jeep while on a safari tour with Africa Kenya Safaris

Perhaps you’ve come halfway around the world for your photographic adventure – you certainly can be expected to want everything to run smoothly. And that’s our number one goal, to get you safely close to the wildlife for your photography and your enjoyment.

During your journey, the Africa Kenya Safaris team is always working in the background to make sure each moment of your day runs without a hitch. Transportation, lodging, meals, park entrance fees… all the details that make up a perfect safari are being attended to. So you don’t have to think about anything but getting great photos.

When you are with us your only thoughts are to have a rich, exciting, and successful safari holiday. Please contact us so we can discuss the details of your African photographic safari.


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Buy experiences, not things.....

African man dressed in cultural clothing, with a backdrop of the Samburu National Reserve

From the amazing wildlife in the vast savannah to beautiful beaches, Kenya & Tanzania are destinations you won’t want to miss on your tour to Africa.

You came to Africa to live an experience – to see the lions, leopards, and great marching elephants up close. You’re here to take in the sweep of the painted landscapes, and the immediacy of the local people and their cultures. You traveled all this way for the unusual, the dramatic, and the exotic.

And that’s what we strive to give you throughout your African safari with us.

Want to explore even further to enhance your adventure? We can help you dig deeper into our magical world of safari and discover more personal and emotional activities to fully immerse you in your safari journey.

Just call, WhatsApp, email us or fill online enquiry form  and one of our friendly travel advisors will have you on the road to adventure – your own personalized safari.

Photographic Safari FAQs

Welcome to our Photographic Safari FAQs, your gateway to exploring the world of capturing stunning wildlife and landscapes in the heart of Africa with Africa Kenya Safaris. In this section, we provide answers to your questions about how to make the most of your photographic safari adventure, from the equipment you’ll need to the best times to capture incredible moments in the wild. Whether you’re a seasoned photographer or a budding enthusiast, these FAQs will guide you on an extraordinary journey to capture the beauty of East Africa.

The best time of day for safari photography largely depends on the lighting conditions and the behaviour of wildlife, both of which play a crucial role in capturing stunning images during your photographic safari.

Golden Hours for Photography

The most favourable times for safari photography are the “golden hours” surrounding sunrise and sunset. During these periods, the soft, warm light creates a magical ambiance, and the low angle of the sun casts beautiful, long shadows, adding depth and dimension to your shots. The early morning and late afternoon are when wildlife is often most active, offering prime opportunities to capture animals in action, whether it’s predators on the hunt, or herbivores and birds engaging in their daily routines.

Challenges of Midday Photography

Midday can be challenging for photography due to the harsh, direct sunlight that can create harsh shadows and overexposed highlights. Wildlife is also more likely to be less active during the heat of the day, seeking shade or resting. While midday photography can still yield compelling images, it’s generally advisable to focus on early morning and late afternoon sessions to make the most of the exceptional lighting and animal behaviour for your safari photography.

The best time of year to embark on a photography safari in East Africa can significantly influence the quality of your wildlife and landscape shots. Understanding the seasons and their impact on the environment is crucial for capturing the most remarkable moments during your photographic adventure.

The Dry Season: Ideal for Photography

The dry season, which typically spans from June to October, is considered the prime time for photography safaris. During this period, the vegetation is less dense, and wildlife congregates around water sources, making it easier to spot and photograph animals. The clear skies and abundant sunlight create excellent lighting conditions, particularly during the “golden hours” of sunrise and sunset. The Great Migration in the Masai Mara and the Serengeti also occurs during this season, offering outstanding opportunities to capture this spectacular event.

The Wet Season: Unique Photographic Opportunities

The wet season, from November to May, offers a different but equally appealing set of photographic opportunities. While rain can be more challenging for photography, it transforms the landscape into lush greenery, and many animals give birth during this time, leading to adorable wildlife encounters. Birdwatchers will especially appreciate the wet season as it brings migratory birds to the region. Photographers interested in unique, dramatic shots of thunderstorms, reflections in water, and vibrant rainbows will also find the wet season rewarding. It’s essential to consider your specific interests and objectives as a photographer when choosing the best time of year for your photography safari, as both seasons offer distinct advantages and the chance to capture extraordinary moments in the wild.

East Africa is home to an array of breathtaking national parks that provide exceptional opportunities for photography safaris. These parks are known for their diverse wildlife, stunning landscapes, and captivating natural beauty, making them the perfect canvas for creating awe-inspiring images.

1. Masai Mara National Reserve

The Masai Mara, located in Kenya, is renowned for its extraordinary wildlife, making it one of the best national parks for photography safaris. It is famous for the Great Migration, where thousands of wildebeest, zebras, and other herbivores cross the Mara River. This incredible spectacle, along with the Big Five and a variety of bird species, provides ample subjects for your lens.

2. Serengeti National Park

Across the border in Tanzania, the Serengeti National Park offers an expansive landscape filled with an abundance of wildlife. From the vast savannahs to the woodlands and rivers, the Serengeti is a paradise for photographers. The annual migration of millions of animals, dramatic predator-prey interactions, and the stunning scenery make it a must-visit destination for photography enthusiasts.

3. Amboseli National Park

Amboseli National Park in Kenya is known for its iconic views of Mount Kilimanjaro as a backdrop to herds of elephants. The stark contrast of the giant tuskers against the snow-capped peak creates striking compositions for your photography safari. The park is also home to an array of other wildlife, including lions, cheetahs, and a variety of bird species, offering numerous opportunities to capture memorable shots. These parks, among others in East Africa, provide an enchanting setting for photography safaris, ensuring you have the chance to document the remarkable beauty and wildlife of the region through your lens.

Certainly, Africa Kenya Safaris offers you the opportunity to embark on a bird photography safari, where you can capture the stunning avian diversity of East Africa in all its glory.


Explore Breathtaking Birding Destinations

East Africa is a haven for bird enthusiasts, with a wide variety of bird species that inhabit its diverse landscapes. From the iconic Masai Mara to the wetlands of Amboseli and the rich woodlands of the Serengeti, our bird photography safaris take you to prime birding destinations. You’ll have the chance to photograph both resident and migratory birds, including eagles, vultures, herons, flamingos, and an array of colourful and exotic species.

Expert Guidance and Unique Moments

Our bird photography safaris are designed to provide you with expert guidance and exclusive moments to capture birds in their natural habitats. Whether you’re an experienced bird photographer or a beginner, our team ensures that you have the ideal settings and opportunities to capture stunning bird shots. With Africa Kenya Safaris, you’ll create a portfolio of remarkable bird images, making your bird photography safari a truly rewarding and memorable experience.

When it comes to photographic safari tours, the choice of vehicles is a crucial element in ensuring a successful and enjoyable photography experience. Africa Kenya Safaris is committed to providing the most suitable and comfortable vehicles to enhance your photography journey.

Customized Safari Vehicles

Our photographic safari tours are conducted in custom-built safari vehicles designed with photographers in mind. These vehicles feature open-sided or pop-up roofs, which allow for 360-degree views and unobstructed photography. Additionally, they are equipped with bean bags and mounting points for camera equipment, ensuring stability and convenience for your photography.

Benefits of Customized Vehicles

The advantage of these customized vehicles is that they offer both comfort and functionality. They are spacious, with comfortable seating, and provide ample legroom and storage for your gear. Furthermore, our knowledgeable guides are experienced in positioning the vehicle to maximize your photographic opportunities, ensuring that you have the best angles and lighting for capturing stunning wildlife and landscapes. With Africa Kenya Safaris, your photographic safari is complemented by top-notch vehicles that are an essential component of a successful photography adventure.

During your photographic safari with Africa Kenya Safaris, our experienced guides play a crucial role in enhancing your photography experience, providing valuable assistance and expertise to ensure you capture extraordinary moments in the wild.

Expertise in Wildlife Behaviour and Locations

Our safari guides possess extensive knowledge of wildlife behaviour and the best locations for photography. They understand animal movements and can anticipate potential photo opportunities, such as predator-prey interactions or animals in action. With their expertise, you’ll be in the right place at the right time to capture captivating wildlife shots.

Guidance on Camera Settings and Composition

Our guides are well-versed in camera settings and composition, and they are eager to share their knowledge with you. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced photographer, they can provide guidance on adjusting your camera settings for different lighting conditions and subjects. They can also offer tips on framing and composing your shots to create visually appealing images. Their assistance extends to post-processing techniques, helping you enhance your photos after the safari to achieve the best possible results. With Africa Kenya Safaris, our guides are not just experts in wildlife and landscapes but also in helping you bring your photographic vision to life.

Absolutely, with Africa Kenya Safaris, you have the opportunity to craft a customized photo safari tailored to your unique photography preferences. Whether you’re a wildlife enthusiast, a landscape photographer, or simply someone who appreciates the art of visual storytelling, our team is dedicated to helping you design a photography adventure that aligns with your vision and objectives.

Tailored to Your Photography Interests

Your customized photo safari is designed to reflect your specific photography interests. You can choose the destinations that best suit your photographic goals, from iconic national parks to remote and less-visited areas. Additionally, you have the flexibility to select the type of accommodations that match your style, from luxury lodges to tented camps, ensuring your comfort and convenience throughout your photography journey.

Expert Guidance and Memorable Moments

Africa Kenya Safaris not only provides you with a customized safari itinerary but also offers expert guidance to ensure you capture memorable moments. Our experienced guides are knowledgeable in positioning you for the best photographic opportunities, whether you’re interested in wildlife, landscapes, or cultural photography. With your customized photo safari, you’ll have the chance to create a portfolio of stunning images that tell the story of your unique African adventure.

Indeed, Africa Kenya Safaris offers exceptional Kenya photographic safaris that allow you to explore the enchanting landscapes and abundant wildlife of this remarkable East African nation through the lens of your camera.

Discover Kenya’s Photographic Treasures

Kenya is a treasure trove for photographers, boasting iconic destinations such as the Maasai Mara, Amboseli, and the Great Rift Valley. Our Kenya photographic safaris are meticulously designed to take you to these and other breathtaking locations. Whether you’re interested in capturing the Great Migration, witnessing the majesty of Mount Kilimanjaro, or photographing the Big Five in their natural habitats, our customized itineraries cater to your photography goals.

Professional Guidance and Unforgettable Moments

With Africa Kenya Safaris, you’ll have the opportunity to embark on a photographic adventure under the guidance of our professional and experienced team. Our local guides are well-versed in the behaviours and movements of wildlife, ensuring you’re in the right place at the right time for those perfect shots. We offer customized vehicles designed with photographers in mind, featuring open-sided or pop-up roofs for unobstructed views. Our commitment is to provide you with expert guidance and the chance to capture unforgettable moments that will fill your photography portfolio with extraordinary images of Kenya’s natural wonders.

We certainly do offer the opportunity to embark on Tanzania photographic safaris, unforgettable journeys that allow you to capture the astounding beauty and diverse wildlife of Tanzania through your lens.

Discover Tanzania’s Photographic Wonders

Tanzania is a country of diverse ecosystems, from the Serengeti’s vast plains to the Ngorongoro Crater’s unique landscapes. Our Tanzania photographic safaris take you to these incredible destinations and more. Whether you dream of photographing the Great Migration, the stunning acacia-dotted landscapes, or the abundant big cats and other wildlife, our custom-tailored safaris ensure your photography aspirations are met.

Professional Guidance and Breathtaking Moments

Africa Kenya Safaris ensures that your Tanzania photographic safari is guided by a team of experts who understand the intricacies of wildlife behaviour and the best angles for photography. Our specialized safari vehicles offer open-sided or pop-up roofs for unhindered views, and our knowledgeable guides are adept at positioning you for capturing extraordinary shots. Whether you’re a seasoned photographer or a novice, our goal is to provide you with expert guidance, enrich your photography skills, and help you amass a collection of breathtaking images that tell the story of Tanzania’s natural wonders.

At Africa Kenya Safaris, we take great pride in offering the best photographic safaris in East Africa, designed to provide you with a rich and immersive photography experience that captures the extraordinary beauty of this region.

Why Choose Africa Kenya Safaris for Photographic Adventures

Our commitment to excellence in photographic safaris is unwavering. We provide customized itineraries, expert guidance, and specially designed safari vehicles for unobstructed views, all geared toward enriching your photography journey. Whether you’re a wildlife enthusiast, a landscape photographer, or simply someone with a passion for the art of visual storytelling, our team is dedicated to crafting a photography adventure that aligns with your vision and objectives.

Capture Unforgettable Moments with Us

Africa Kenya Safaris is your gateway to creating a portfolio of unforgettable moments. From the magnificent wildlife spectacles in the Masai Mara and Serengeti to the iconic vistas of Amboseli and the Ngorongoro Crater, our photographic safaris offer you the opportunity to document the magic of East Africa. With our professional guidance and passion for photography, we ensure that your safari is not just a journey but a visual storytelling experience that leaves you with breathtaking images to cherish for a lifetime.

Our photographic safaris with Africa Kenya Safaris are ideal for beginners who are passionate about photography and eager to explore the stunning landscapes and wildlife of East Africa through the lens of a camera.

Guidance for Beginners

We understand that not everyone embarking on a photographic safari is an experienced photographer. That’s why our team is dedicated to providing the support and guidance beginners need to capture impressive images. Our professional guides are skilled in assisting you with camera settings, composition, and even post-processing techniques. They will help you become familiar with your camera and the unique demands of wildlife and landscape photography, ensuring that you leave with a collection of images you’re proud of.

Learning Opportunities and a Rich Experience

Our photographic safaris for beginners offer more than just the chance to capture great shots; they provide a rich learning experience. While on safari, you’ll have the opportunity to enhance your photography skills, connect with like-minded enthusiasts, and explore the art of visual storytelling. We believe that everyone, regardless of their skill level, should have the chance to immerse themselves in the wonders of East Africa and create memories that last a lifetime. With Africa Kenya Safaris, even beginners can capture the magic of this extraordinary region.

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