Help Our Forests To Regenerate And Thrive

You Can Even Plant Trees On Your Safari

Want to reduce your carbon footprint while on safari? You can and you’ll be helping to reforest Kenya’s natural habitats. Trees are a life-giving force, protecting the land, the air, the water, the wildlife, the birds… and the communities of people who depend on the cooling shade and fuel they provide.

Plus, trees provide oxygen, store carbon, and prevent soil erosion.

In Kenya, we’re especially fortunate to enjoy beautiful forests of acacia trees, groves of exotic baobabs, the magnificent Sycamore Fig, and the protective mangrove. These stately and ancient trees are celebrated in rituals, ceremonies, and in the eye-pleasing landscapes that welcome you on safari.

But sadly, climate change, deforestation, wildfire, and even the Corona pandemic have badly weakened our ecosystems and greatly reduced the number of trees that were once thriving in our parks and forests.

The need for replanting is so urgent that Kenya’s government has approved a national tree-growing restoration campaign to build up our forests to plant 15 billion trees by 2030.

You can be a part of this campaign with just a small amount of time taken from your safari day to help. Just imagine: enjoying the wildlife and then helping them and their biosphere to survive. We’ll explain how below.

Tree planting at Basecamp Masai Mara - Africa Kenya Safaris

How Bad Is The Problem?

Trees give us so much and yet humankind has been their worst enemy – throughout history, we have indiscriminately chopped them down for fuel and shelter until we have halved the number of trees on our planet.

In the Masai Mara, up to 80% of the trees have disappeared. This has impacted the animal population, many of whom depend on the trees’ leaves for sustenance.

Without the lush forest growth, even the predators become more vulnerable. The big cats need areas to hide and protect their young when they first come into the world. The decline in protective forest growth puts increasing pressure on their populations.

Many forest areas around the country have been diminished by the pressures of climate change and recently forest fires on Mt. Kenya have decimated untold acres of the forest on that mountain’s slopes.

Here’s How You Can Help

Fortunately, today our eco-awareness has increased, and the tourism industry has pitched in to help improve the forestry situation now and for the future.

When you book your adventure with Africa Kenya Safaris, we can connect you with hotels, lodges, and tented camps that are eco-rated and offer tree-planting programs which encourage you to get involved.

Some of the activities you might take on during your stint in the program include planting native trees, collecting seeds, removal of invasive species, composting, and mulching.

Depending on the location of your accommodation, other tasks might include community-oriented events such as tree planting with the local villages or schools.

Seedbals Kenya - Africa Kenya Safaris


They are exactly what they sound like – a seed inside a ball of charcoal dust, combined with a nutritious and water-soluble binding material. This is the newest innovative method of inexpensively and efficiently distributing seeds on a mass level.

The charcoal coating protects the seeds from rodents, birds, insects, and extreme temperatures until water from the surrounding environment seeps into the ball and stimulates germination.

You’ll find them throughout Kenya being distributed on the ground and from the air. This method of seeding is so easy and simple that the delivery instructions regarding seedballs are to “just throw and grow”.  

Even if the current climate is dry, the seedballs’ biochar coating safeguards the seeds until the heavy rains come and then turns into a moist medium helping the seed to germinate. What an easy and brilliant way to bring new life to our fields and forests.

Help The Karura and Ngong Road Forests

You don’t have to go far afield to find reforestation projects in which you can participate. On the edges of our capital city of Nairobi, the Karurua and Ngong Road Forests are inspiring examples of large urban parks that have benefitted from tree replanting.

As with any city park, at Karura you can walk, bike, hike, and jog, but here you’ll also find an indigenous tree and shrub nursery cultivating 100,000 seedlings. You can be a part of the park’s active tree-planting program, which has successfully rejuvenated its many acres over the last decades.

These rehabilitation efforts are also beginning now at Ngong Road Forest and you can easily get involved. We and our partners can create tree-planting time for you at these local parks and others nearby. Just let us know your interest. 

Regenerate Our Forests Naturally

The massive efforts now in place to revive our forests not only help sustain and improve our natural habitat, supporting the wildlife and beautifying the land but also bring economic benefits for the local populations.

Planting trees in a well-managed plan will create a sustainable source of wood for building materials. This means that forests will not be haphazardly cut down, destroying delicate habitats and watersheds.

By regenerating our fields and forests we ensure that the beauty and life-sustaining properties of our natural world continue, nourishing our parks, our communities, and our planet.

Just Let Us Know Your Plans

Tree planting at Amboseli Serena Safari Lodge - Africa Kenya Safaris

There is no shortage of ways you can pitch in and help. If you’re in Nairobi, we have plenty of opportunities for tree planting in our local parks. And if you’re on the safari road, many of our affiliated lodges and tented camps offer the means to get your hands into the dirt with some fun and fulfilling time restoring our forests.

Just let us know when booking your tour that you’d like to contribute just a bit of your safari adventure to planting some trees and help ensure a green future for us all.


Elephants at Amboseli National Park Kenya - Africa Kenya Safaris. Photo credits @renahartenberger on Instagram


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Whatever way you design your 4-day adventure, this safari journey will make lasting impressions and create a meaningful with the land.

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