How To Afford a Kenya Safari

An African safari. Even the thought of such an adventure hums with excitement and possibilities… and a dash of glamour. Is a safari to Africa only meant for the wealthy or the well-off? How about ordinary folks who want to step outside their usual day-to-day and get a taste of something exotic and special?

Read on to learn how an African safari to Kenya’s wildlife parks is more affordable than you might imagine. At Africa Kenya Safaris we work to create safari possibilities for every kind of traveler. After all, adventures come in all shapes and sizes.

What Size is Your Safari?

The duration of your safari journey is probably the single most important aspect affecting your budget. Obviously, an afternoon outing to a local wildlife park is much less costly than a nine-day, seven-park excursion.

However, we can get you out on the road on a 3 – 4 day safari in one of our 4 x 4 Land Cruiser Jeeps including all meals, accommodations, and an expert safari guide for well under $1000.

Of course, if your budget allows for a little more we can expand that safari to 5 or 6 days.

Where Will You Stay?

On all our tours we give you the choice of staying at a safari lodge or tented camp. And then, within those accommodation modes, we offer economy, comfort, or luxury listings. If you’re on a budget the choice is easy but know that our economy offerings are excellent – clean, nicely-appointed, with wonderful meals.

And when you’re out exploring the savannahs, bush, and forest for all sorts of wildlife, no one cares where you slept the previous evening.  

Peak, High or Low Season?

Here’s an easy way to find a safari within your budget – choose the season that fits your means. Peak season is the time when many people go on safari and so accordingly, costs are higher.

If you choose your African safari tour during the low season you can save 20 – 30% over the peak season. Another advantage? You may have the parks to yourself.

More is Less

Here’s another great way to help your safari budget – the more folks in your group, the less it costs per person. The price savings between having two safari-goers in your group as opposed to a party of six can be as much as 30% less per person.

We also offer group safaris, a sociable and fun way to stay within your budget. Our group safaris leave several times a week for the big parks, like the Masai Mara. Join up with other adventure-minded people, enjoy the camaraderie, and enjoy savings on your safari.

By Jeep or Plane

Finally, know that the most economical way to safari is by Jeep on a road trip. But if your budget allows, you can wing into the national parks on one of our flight safaris.

To sum up: Safari duration, type of accommodation, choice of season, and number of fellow travelers – these are the factors that will create a safari budget that is the difference between fantasy and making your safari dream a reality. Talk to one of our travel experts at Africa Kenya Safaris and we will craft the perfect safari that suits your style.

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