How to Customize Your Safari Part 1

Listen to an audio version of this blog post! Just press the play button below. Just as wildlife comes in all shapes and sizes, so do safari-goers, with their unique wishes, dreams, desires, and interests. Some are attracted to the big game, yet others are thrilled to just sidle up close to a kingfisher or pelican nestled in a shoreline. While some adventurers are happy to rough it in the slimmest of accommodations, only the most luxurious lodges will suit the taste of more pampered visitors. Your taste, budget, interests, and experiences will influence what kind of safari will float your boat, or more accurately, power your Jeep. But however you envision your African safari, we can help customize it to make it your personal adventure.

Welcome to the Big Game

When many think of going on safari, images of lions, leopards, and cheetahs come to mind. If that’s what safari means to you, we’ve got great parks to satisfy your big cat cravings – the great Masai Mara National Reserve is home to numerous prides of lions and a visit here does not disappoint. But other parks like Samburu and Tsavo East and Tsavo West are also famous for their ferocious felines.

Now some safari-goers are crazy for big, noble, towering elephants. For you, we would recommend Amboseli National Park, seated near the base of mighty Mt. Kilimanjaro. The collection of big-tusked pachyderms is so dense here that you are guaranteed sightings of the many elephant families parading to and fro.

Here Are the Birds

Do you like birds? Do you like getting up close to them? For those who live for our avian friends and even those who enjoy a passing sighting, we can direct you in the right direction. All Kenya’s parks feature hundreds of colorful bird species, but a few specialize in larger varieties like ostrich, cormorants, or starlings.

Lake Nakuru National Park and Lake Naivasha are a birder’s paradise. Picture these many varieties at lakeside: whistling ducks, crakes, storks, egret, heron, ibis, eagle, guineafowl, and dazzling fuchsia flamingoes!

And if you’re a serious birder, we can design a birding safari during the best seasons, when the birds are plentiful, easy to spot, and the other tourists are hard to find.

Safaris Come in Many Colors

Some folks love game driving in their private 4 x 4 Land Cruiser Jeep, rumbling over hills and blasting across the savannah. But many prefer the more introspective moments of a guided walking safari, getting up close to small game, surrounded by flora, feeling the earth, and enjoying the quiet sounds of the natural world.

We can also customize your adventure to include sailing, biking, and even horseback riding safaris. Ever try a hot air balloon safari, floating over the rich landscapes as you look upon the wildlife below? We can make all the arrangements.

Speaking of flying, we offer special flying safaris for those who don’t have the time or perhaps interest in driving between the parks. Just pack into your plane from Nairobi or the Kenya Coast and we’ll fly you to your favorite parks in little more than an hour. You’ll land at a convenient airstrip where your driver/guide will meet you to begin your safari.

Leave the Other Tourists Behind

Perhaps the ultimate way to customize your safari is to visit the several conservancies near the Masai Mara – this is the ultimate experience. The conservancies limit their number of visitors, so you’ll have the land, the wildlife, and this beautiful, isolated natural environment to yourself.

Just let us know what thoughts and ideas appeal to your idea of the perfect safari and together, we will design an unforgettable adventure that suits your style.

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