How to Customize Your Safari Part 2

Elephants & Flamingos at Amboseli National Park Kenya

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Welcome back to How to Customize Your Safari  -Part 2. As we pointed out in Part 1, the way you customize your safari all depends on your likes, your taste, your dreams… and your budget. We’ll continue that theme here.

If you’re interested in the big cats and elephants, check out Part 1 for our suggestions on the best parks to discover those iconic creatures. Here we’ll discuss visiting rare and endangered species, how you can customize your safari for a light touch or a fully immersive experience, plus, we’ll talk about cultural elements you can add to your African safari. And finally, we’ll introduce an unexpected aspect to build into your safari holiday – some time at the beach.

The Endangered Ones

Much of Africa’s well-known big game are now safe from extinction thanks to heroic efforts by Kenya’s Wildlife Service and through the support of safari-goers like yourself. However, there are plenty of species that are rare and endangered… some you wouldn’t suspect. For instance, the great rhino – their numbers have dwindled but they are now protected in special sanctuaries found in several parks like Nairobi and Nakuru National Parks.

Nakuru is also a protected home for the rare and unusual Rothschild’s giraffe. You can find them towering over the trees in the park’s beautiful acacia forests. Chimpanzees are another rarity in Kenya. In fact, the only place to find them is in Ol Pejeta Conservancy. The injured and orphaned chimps here in the sanctuary are nursed back to health and you’ll get to see them cavorting in their natural habitat.

Safari Lite… or Heavy Duty

The idea of going on an Africa safari is adventurous… but maybe you just want to stick your toe in the waters before making a big commitment. We offer lots of one-day and even half-day excursions to visit the parks of Nairobi and further afield, like Ol Pejeta mentioned above, or perhaps to Amboseli National Park, home to big-tusked elephants.

For those who have a bit more time, try out our two – five-day safaris, which can include the Masai Mara, lake parks like Naivasha, and northern parks such as Samburu.

And for those committed safari-goers, who want to jump in for about a week of wildlife action, we suggest our 6 – 9-day tours, which include the largest variety of parks, plus multiple days at several. Imagine spending three days at the Masai Mara or Amboseli. This is a perfect way to customize a safari to exactly your specs.

The Masai and Samburu People

But Africa is more than just the wildlife and the land – some wouldn’t consider it a true Africa safari without cultural touchpoints – meeting with the original people of these savannahs. In the Masai Mara and Amboseli parks, you can visit the indigenous Maasai in their local villages.

Meet these pastoral people and learn about their herding lifestyle, how they organize their communities, and practice their culture and ceremonies. You can also visit the closely related Samburu People while at Samburu Park and perhaps be a guest in one of their homes.

Africa beach holidays, Diani beach, Diani sea resort - Africa Kenya Safaris

Pace Your Safari

Many don’t know that going on safari can also mean some serious beach time. Kenya’s great savannahs give way to a sparkling coastline nestled on the Indian Ocean, blessed with clean, untouristed beaches. Want to really customize your safari? We’ll help you plan some dedicated sun and surf time at renowned Diani Beach either before or after your safari. For any style or manner in which you want to create your safari… Africa Kenya Safaris will make it happen.

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