“A Voyage Back in Time”

Cultural encounters with the hunter-gatherer bushmen of Hadzabe, Tindiga & Datooga.

Hadzabe tribesman hunting with a bow and arrow

A visit to Lake Eyasi can provide a firsthand cultural experience unlike any other you’re ever likely to encounter. This large saline lake on the floor of the Great Rift Valley is the home of several bushmen tribes – one of the few places in Africa where traditional tribal life continues as it has for thousands of years.

Here you can meet and even follow along with the Hadzabe people, hunter-gatherers, who live by bow hunting and gathering local fruits and honey as they have in this region for 10,000 years. Lake Eyasi also supports other bushmen communities like the Tindiga, who have also lived off this land for centuries.

Another group you may meet, the Datooga, are excellent silversmiths and trade their crafted spears with the Hadazbe for animal skins and meat.

Like these traditional people, you can explore this region by foot, going on hikes and taking notice of Lake Eyasi’s incredible world of birdlife. A visit to this unusual area is the perfect complement to your safari.

The Hunt

Safari-goers are especially welcome to stay overnight in the area and be closely engaged in the Hadzabe’s daily life and rituals. They will graciously show you how they hunt – creating bows strung with giraffe tendon. You can accompany them as they track small game or join the women as they forage for fruit or collect honey.

Then enjoy their traditional dances, delving into a unique cultural experience, all happening along the shores of the beautiful lake.

Local Hadza tribesman carrying a bow and arrows
A bird landing in Lake Eyasi as seen on a birdwatching safari tour with Africa Kenya Safaris

A Birding Paradise

Unlike many of the surrounding regions, Lake Eyasi has a tropical climate, dotted with doum palms where you may see Fisher’s lovebirds nesting.

Other avian life to look for on the lake’s shores: flamingoes, gulls, white pelicans, yellow-billed storks, avocet, and African spoonbill.

Lake Eyasi Highlights

Cultural Encounters – The local Hadzabe bushpeople are welcoming and enjoy showing off their hunter-gatherer lifestyle. Speaking a unique dialect with a distinct clicking sound, they will show you their cave homes and take you on a hunt. This is a rare window into a lifestyle that has existed for tens of thousands of years.

Hiking – The lake and its environs are very pretty and lend themselves to local hikes. Go for a guided full or half-day trek along its shores and you’ll come upon ancient rock art.

Local Villages – Take an easy stroll into the villages of the Hadzabe and Datooga tribes and meet these friendly people.

Birding – The lakeshore and surrounding areas are a haven for active and colorful birdlife.

Ghorofani Market – Just a few kilometers from the lake’s northeastern section, you’ll discover an active market on the 5th of every month. Stroll amongst the local shoppers and traders coming from all around the lake.

Children from the Hadza tribe of Lake Eyasi

Lake Eyasi Facts & Figures

Sat on a rock overlooking the landscape of Lake Eyasi

Seated on the floor of the Rift Valley, Lake Eyasi is a saline or soda lake, attracting a fascinating assortment of birdlife. The lake rises or falls depending on the rainy or dry seasons but it averages an area of about 1,050 sq km (400 sq mi).

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This is Lake Esayi

On its own, the lake is a lovely respite from the busy safari action of Serengeti and Ngorongoro with its peaceful shores and colorful birdlife. But where else can you meet and go on a hunt with one of the world’s last active communities of hunter-gatherers?  This is a unique adventure back in time not many can say they have experienced.

Join us at Lake Eyasi

Africa Kenya Safaris offers journeys to Lake Esayi and other attractions in the region. Just contact us to get your safari started.

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Help us create your perfect Safari! Tell us about your travel choices, any unique experiences you desire, and upcoming special occasions.