“Epic Africa”

Africa's tallest peak (Roof of Africa), and world's tallest free standing mountain.

Safari-goers throughout Kenya and Tanzania can often spot the singular tower of Mt. Kilimanjaro rising into the sky, a symbol of Africa’s majesty. The highest peak on the continent and tallest freestanding mountain in the world, Kilimanjaro is at once, beautiful, dangerous, and haunting in its grandeur.

Most anyone can attempt a climb, as one doesn’t need technical skills to ascend. But Kilimanjaro’s extreme elevation of 5896 m (19,341 ft), strong winds, and sometimes freezing temperatures, can defeat hopeful trekkers who try to summit the iconic volcano.

Still, it’s the dream of many – about 25,000 intrepid souls every year have visions of themselves conquering Kili’s iconic peak… and lots of them do make it to the top.

Actually, the great mountain offers several peaks from its three volcanic pinnacles, the highest and best known is Uhuru Peak at the top of Kibo. And though Kilimanjaro is a dormant volcano, if one stands atop Kibo and looks into its crater, there are still unmistakable traces of sulfurous smoke rising from its core.

Unlike the other national parks, the Kilimanjaro experience is primarily about the land, specifically, the magnificent mountain rising from the surrounding farmlands. There is still wildlife at the lower levels but as you ascend, you’ll leave the animals and even much of the vegetation behind, as you rise to one of the highest spots on the planet.

The Way Up Kilimanjaro

There isn’t just one way up this big hill but seven official routes. The shortest, the Machame, can be completed in six days, but several of the Northern Circuit routes take seven or more days.

It is generally thought that the longer the route and the more time to acclimate to the high elevations, the better the climber’s chances are to stay healthy and make a successful ascent.

Although no special technical equipment is required for the climb, care should be taken to procure good boots, a water-proof parka and sleeping bag. Booking your trip with a reputable outfitter will ensure you have the appropriate gear.

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Begin In The Forest

Though your journey will hopefully end up in a snowy, barren summit, you’ll begin your adventure in a thickly vegetated lowland forest. Don’t forget, you’re near the equator!

Here’s your best chance to view wildlife like buffalo, monkeys, elephants, eland, and occasionally leopard. 

As you climb, the forest will give way to open moorland, clear skies, and plenty of sunshine. The routes are not too steep but you may feel the effects of the thinning oxygen.

A Highland Desert

At about 4,000 m (13,000 ft) you’ll definitely notice the difference in the oxygen level and a marked change in your surroundings as the previous flora is replaced by sparse lichen and mosses.

Continuing on past 5000 m (16,400 ft), the air is thinner still and you’ll need to take breaks. But as you cross over the patches of ice and rocky, barren moonscape, you’ll make that final push to the top of Africa – Kilimanjaro’s grand summit.

Below you are vistas stretching out through Kenya and Tanzania, a world away from your hard-earned triumph. You’re now part of a special club – those who can say they have conquered Kilimanjaro! 

Survey: Mt. Kilimanjaro National Park

The park itself was established in 1977 and is one of Tanzania’s most popular. Of course, intrepid souls have been climbing Kili since the 19th century.

Though the park is not large – just 1,688 sq. km (652 sq. mi) it holds one of Africa’s and the world’s natural wonders.

This is Kilimanjaro

A towering massif of legend and awe, Kilimanjaro is synonymous with the mystery and splendor of Africa. If you prepare yourself properly for the climb, with the right gear, time to acclimatize, and an experienced outfitter, you’ll create a moment in your life you’ll treasure forever.

Join us at Mt. Kilimanaro National Park

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