Our City "Day Tours" Offer Nairobi Trips With Amazing Animal Encounters

Nairobi Excursions So Close By - Herds of Wildebeests, Lions & Baby Elephants!

Not all of Kenya’s wildlife is found in the great legendary parks – there’s plenty to see just minutes from town. Nairobi National Park is a truly wild animal reserve just a hop from your hotel, where you can see roaming lion, buffalo, cheetah, and more.. all in sight of the city’s downtown buildings in the distance.

Pack your day bag and within the hour you’ll be in the company of roaming hippos, rhinos, and zebra. Only in Nairobi. Africa Kenya Safaris offers you full and half-day excursions to the city’s magical animal enclaves – places that exist nowhere else.

Elephants wallowing in mud at David Sheldrick Elephant Orphanage Nairobi Kenya

Want To See Lots of Baby Elephants?

We’ll take you visiting with dozens of loveable baby elephants feeding, playing, and just being adorable at the David Sheldrick Trust Elephant Orphanage. Picture the hungry babies running up to their handlers for their morning meal, drinking from giant baby bottles! They lap up their breakfast and run off to play, like any toddler would, rolling about in mud puddles and even knocking a soccer ball about.

The orphanage is also a refuge for young rhinos – all these babies are rescued and now carefully raised and nurtured until they are ready to go back to the wilds. You can even “adopt” a baby during your visit.

Ever Feed a Giraffe?

Climb up the platform where you’ll be eye-to-eye with a curious and colorful Rothschild’s giraffe. Reach out with some food pellets and a long, green tongue quickly laps up the goodies. And you may even get a giraffe kiss as a thanks.

Most of our day tours include a visit to the Giraffe Centre, a refuge for this endangered subspecies of giraffe. This is a pretty spot, with nature trails and lots of towering giraffes, complemented with scores of Kenyan schoolchildren, laughing and enjoying their outing alongside the great creatures.

Giraffe encounters at Nairobi Giraffe Centre
Sunset in the Masai Mara National Reserve

Into Africa – The Karen Blixen Museum

You may know her as Isak Dinesen, the author of the world-famous memoirs, “Out of Africa”. Her real name was Karen Blixen and she had a farm in Africa. And we’ll take you there.

This is the coffee plantation and manor house about which Blixen wrote – her trials, romances, and life in Africa as a woman in the colonial era. Now her home has become a museum and you’ll get up close to the artifacts of her amazing life.

Kazuri Beads

One of our favorite spots on our Nairobi day tours is Kazuri Beads. Perhaps it’s because this artisan refuge and gift shop was born of the local community of women seeking self-empowerment through their imaginations and personal endeavors.

Upon stepping into this busy workplace you’ll see the community creating colorful beads and pottery – known around the world for its encouraging message of self-determination and expression. Round out your Nairobi tour in the gift shop where you can make a difference and leave with some meaningful souvenirs.

Rows of necklaces and other gifts at Kazuri Beads Factory
A lion waiting and watching behind a bush in Nairobi National Park

Ready for an Epic Nairobi Tour?

We know all the cool, fun, and unusual discoveries in town. Come join us on a full or half-day tour of Nairobi’s little treasures. If you can’t get away to the big parks or even if you can, our city’s wildlife and cultural spots are a perfect intro to what awaits you over Africa’s horizons.

We at Africa Kenya Safaris specialize in personalized safari tours and special moments like these. And even if you can only book last minute, we’ll make it work.

Please check out our tours below and then contact us so we can save a spot for you.

Nairobi Excursions FAQs

Welcome to our comprehensive FAQ section, dedicated to enlightening you about the captivating day trips and excursions awaiting you in Nairobi, Kenya’s vibrant capital. In this guide, we present an array of thrilling half-day and full-day adventures, allowing you to explore the best of Nairobi’s surrounding attractions without venturing far from the city’s heart. From wildlife encounters at Nairobi National Park to heartwarming interactions with baby elephants at the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, these day trips offer a perfect blend of adventure, nature, and culture. Discover the hidden gems that lie just beyond Nairobi’s urban boundaries, as we unveil the enchanting wonders that await you on these extraordinary journeys.

Nairobi, the bustling capital of Kenya, offers an array of captivating tourist destinations near its vibrant city centre. Explore the rich cultural heritage and breathtaking natural wonders that lie just a stone’s throw away from Nairobi.

1. Nairobi National Park: An Urban Safari Haven

Nairobi National Park, situated merely a 15-minute drive from the city centre, stands as a unique gem amidst the urban landscape. It is the world’s only national park located within a capital city, providing an unparalleled opportunity for an urban safari adventure. The park’s savannahs, woodlands, and wetlands teem with diverse wildlife, including lions, giraffes, rhinos, and cheetahs. Nairobi National Park offers visitors the chance to spot these magnificent creatures with the city skyline as a backdrop—a truly captivating experience.

2. David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust: Embrace Endearing Baby Elephants

A short drive from Nairobi, visitors can find the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust—an orphanage dedicated to the rehabilitation and conservation of orphaned baby elephants and rhinos. Witness heartwarming interactions as these playful pachyderms enjoy their daily mud baths and feeding sessions. The trust’s conservation efforts are commendable, making this experience both educational and emotionally moving.

3. Giraffe Centre: Up Close with the Gentle Giants

Get up close and personal with the gentle giants at the Giraffe Centre, another fascinating attraction in Nairobi. Located just a few kilometres away from the city, this centre is dedicated to the conservation of the endangered Rothschild giraffe. Visitors can feed these graceful creatures from an elevated platform, creating unforgettable memories. The Giraffe Centre’s efforts in promoting giraffe conservation and education make it an enriching experience for tourists of all ages.

In conclusion, Nairobi offers an abundance of tourist destinations near its bustling city centre. From the unique Nairobi National Park, where urban safaris meet skyscrapers, to the heartwarming experiences at the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust and the Giraffe Centre, visitors can indulge in a delightful fusion of culture and nature right at the doorstep of Kenya’s vibrant capital city.

Nairobi boasts a mild and pleasant climate throughout the year, making it a favourable destination for tourists seeking comfortable weather conditions. Experience the charm of Kenya’s capital city, where temperatures remain relatively consistent, allowing for enjoyable explorations and safari adventures.

1. Dry Season (January to March, July to October): Ideal for Safaris and Sightseeing

Nairobi’s dry seasons occur from January to March and July to October, providing optimal weather for safaris and sightseeing. During these months, the city experiences warm days with temperatures ranging from 20°C to 26°C (68°F to 79°F). The lack of rainfall creates clear skies and ideal conditions for game drives in nearby national parks, such as Nairobi National Park. Visitors can expect to witness abundant wildlife, including elephants, lions, and giraffes, as they roam freely in their natural habitats. The dry season is also perfect for exploring the city’s cultural attractions, markets, and historical sites, where you can immerse yourself in Nairobi’s rich heritage.

2. Wet Season (April to June, November to December): Lush Greenery and Refreshing Showers

Nairobi’s wet seasons span from April to June and November to December, bringing occasional rains to the region. Despite the showers, the temperatures remain comfortable, ranging from 18°C to 24°C (64°F to 75°F). The wet season transforms Nairobi’s landscapes into lush greenery, offering a picturesque setting for nature enthusiasts. While rain showers are frequent during these months, they are often short-lived and followed by bursts of sunshine. The wet season showcases Kenya’s scenic beauty at its best, with the landscapes rejuvenated and vibrant, attracting a variety of migratory bird species. During this time, the Nairobi National Park is a particularly charming destination, as the rains breathe new life into the plains, drawing an array of wildlife.

3. Dressing for Nairobi’s Weather: Layers and Comfortable Clothing

To make the most of Nairobi’s climate, it is recommended to dress in layers and wear comfortable clothing suitable for both warm days and cool evenings. Light clothing, hats, and sunglasses are essential during the dry season, while a light jacket or sweater might come in handy during the occasional rain showers in the wet season. Don’t forget your camera to capture the breathtaking landscapes and wildlife encounters throughout the year.

In summary, Nairobi’s weather offers a delightful experience for tourists, with mild temperatures and distinct dry and wet seasons. Whether you’re exploring wildlife in Nairobi National Park or immersing in the city’s cultural charm, the city’s pleasant climate ensures an enjoyable and memorable journey throughout the year.

Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA) stands as Nairobi’s main and premier airport, serving as the primary gateway for international travellers arriving in Kenya. Named after Kenya’s first president, Jomo Kenyatta, the airport is strategically located just 15 kilometres (9 miles) southeast of Nairobi’s city centre, offering convenient access to the capital’s vibrant attractions and wildlife wonders.

1. Top International Connections and Modern Facilities

JKIA is well-connected to major cities worldwide, welcoming numerous international flights from various continents. As East Africa’s busiest aviation hub, it boasts state-of-the-art facilities, making arrivals and departures a seamless and comfortable experience for travellers. The airport’s well-designed terminals offer a range of services, including duty-free shops, restaurants, lounges, and currency exchange outlets. Its efficient customs and immigration processes ensure smooth entry into Kenya, setting the stage for a memorable safari adventure or a vibrant city exploration in Nairobi.

2. Expanding Infrastructure and Future Growth

Jomo Kenyatta International Airport continues to undergo expansions and improvements to accommodate the growing number of passengers and meet the demands of modern aviation. The airport’s ongoing development includes the construction of a second runway and the expansion of terminals to enhance passenger capacity and overall efficiency. Additionally, JKIA serves as a regional hub for flights to other destinations in Africa, providing convenient connections to various safari destinations within Kenya and neighbouring countries. Its strategic location and efficient operations position Nairobi as a key hub for travellers seeking to explore the remarkable wildlife and cultural diversity of East Africa.

3. Seamless Transfers to Safari Destinations

As Nairobi’s main airport, JKIA is the starting point for countless safari adventures across Kenya’s iconic national parks and reserves. The airport facilitates seamless domestic connections, enabling tourists to swiftly transfer to other Kenyan destinations like Maasai Mara, Amboseli, Tsavo, and more. Whether it’s embarking on an exhilarating safari adventure or indulging in the cultural wonders of Nairobi, Jomo Kenyatta International Airport serves as the central gateway, welcoming travellers with warm Kenyan hospitality and setting the tone for unforgettable experiences in the heart of Africa.

In conclusion, Jomo Kenyatta International Airport is Nairobi’s premier aviation hub, offering top international connections, modern facilities, and a strategic gateway to the remarkable landscapes and wildlife wonders of Kenya. Its ongoing expansion and efficient operations ensure a smooth and comfortable journey for travellers, allowing them to embark on captivating safaris and immerse in the diverse cultural richness of Nairobi and beyond.

While in Nairobi, you can witness the majestic elephants at two prominent conservation centers, where these gentle giants find refuge and care, offering visitors a heartwarming and educational experience.

1. David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust: Nurturing Baby Elephants

The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust (DSWT) is a renowned orphanage dedicated to the rehabilitation and conservation of orphaned baby elephants and rhinos. Located on the outskirts of Nairobi, the trust opens its doors to visitors during specific times of the day, allowing them to witness the adorable baby elephants during their feeding sessions and playful mud baths. The trust’s dedicated team of keepers provides round-the-clock care for these vulnerable creatures, with the ultimate goal of reintroducing them into the wild once they are ready. As you watch these endearing creatures frolic in the company of their devoted keepers, you will be moved by the passion and efforts put forth by DSWT to protect and preserve Kenya’s iconic elephant population.

2. Nairobi National Park: Urban Safari Encounters

Within a short distance from Nairobi’s bustling city centre lies Nairobi National Park, a unique haven that offers the rare opportunity for an urban safari adventure. Here, you can witness elephants roaming freely amidst the backdrop of Nairobi’s city skyline, creating a surreal juxtaposition of urban and wild elements. Nairobi National Park is home to a significant population of elephants, making it an ideal destination to observe these majestic creatures in their natural habitat. The park’s diverse landscapes, including open grasslands, acacia woodlands, and scattered rocky outcrops, provide a picturesque setting for unforgettable encounters with elephants and an array of other wildlife.

3. Educational and Conservation Insights

Both the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust and Nairobi National Park not only offer the chance to observe elephants but also provide valuable insights into elephant conservation efforts. At the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, visitors can learn about the orphanage’s rescue and rehabilitation initiatives, witnessing firsthand the care and dedication given to the elephants. Nairobi National Park, on the other hand, offers the opportunity to understand the importance of protecting wildlife and their habitats in the midst of urbanization. By visiting these conservation centres, you contribute to the critical mission of preserving Kenya’s treasured elephant population for generations to come.

In summary, Nairobi provides unique opportunities to see elephants up close and personal, whether it’s at the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, witnessing baby elephants’ rehabilitation, or embarking on an urban safari in Nairobi National Park, where elephants roam freely in the heart of the city. These experiences not only leave lasting memories but also foster a deeper appreciation for the conservation efforts aimed at safeguarding Kenya’s remarkable wildlife heritage.

Nairobi, the vibrant capital city of Kenya, offers an array of exciting family-friendly destinations that promise fun-filled adventures and enriching experiences for all ages. Whether it’s getting up close with wildlife, delving into cultural heritage, or enjoying recreational activities, Nairobi has something for everyone in the family to enjoy.

1. Nairobi National Park: Wildlife Encounters in the City

Nairobi National Park, a unique gem amidst the urban landscape, stands as the world’s only national park located within a capital city. It offers an unforgettable opportunity for an urban safari adventure with the family. Within minutes from the city center, visitors can witness diverse wildlife, including lions, giraffes, zebras, and even rhinos, against the backdrop of Nairobi’s skyline. Families can embark on game drives, enjoy guided walks, and take in the breathtaking views of the city and its wildlife inhabitants. Nairobi National Park is a fantastic destination for families seeking a close encounter with nature without venturing far from the city’s comforts.

2. David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust: Heartwarming Baby Elephant Experience

The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust (DSWT) provides a heartwarming and educational experience for families with its renowned orphanage dedicated to baby elephants and rhinos. Kids and adults alike will be enchanted by the adorable baby elephants as they play, feed, and take mud baths under the watchful eye of their dedicated keepers. DSWT’s efforts in rescuing and rehabilitating orphaned elephants, with the ultimate goal of releasing them back into the wild, offer invaluable lessons in conservation and empathy. Visiting the trust allows families to connect with nature, learn about wildlife conservation, and make lasting memories.

In conclusion, Nairobi presents an array of captivating destinations for family outings. Whether it’s encountering wildlife in Nairobi National Park or embracing the heartwarming experience of baby elephants at the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, families can create unforgettable memories and strengthen their bond while indulging in the city’s cultural and natural wonders.

Karen Blixen, also known by her pen name Isak Dinesen, was a remarkable Danish author and adventurer who left an indelible mark on both the literary world and Kenya’s history. Born on April 17, 1885, in Rungsted, Denmark, Blixen is best known for her literary masterpiece “Out of Africa,” a memoir that chronicles her captivating experiences during her time in Kenya.

1. Life in Kenya: “Out of Africa”

In 1914, Karen Blixen embarked on a life-changing journey to British East Africa, now known as Kenya, with her husband, Baron Bror von Blixen-Finecke. They acquired a coffee plantation in the picturesque Ngong Hills, located near Nairobi, Kenya’s capital. Karen’s life in Kenya was filled with both triumphs and challenges as she managed the coffee farm, interacted with the local Maasai people, and explored the captivating landscapes that would later serve as the backdrop for her literary masterpiece. “Out of Africa,” published in 1937, eloquently depicts her love affair with the Kenyan wilderness, its wildlife, and the profound impact of Africa on her soul.

2. Karen Blixen’s Literary Legacy

“Out of Africa” earned Karen Blixen international acclaim and solidified her position as one of the most celebrated authors of her time. Her evocative prose and candid reflections on life in Kenya captured the hearts of readers worldwide, transporting them to the enchanting landscapes and exotic culture of Africa. Her literary talent and unique storytelling style continue to inspire generations of readers and writers, leaving a lasting legacy in the realm of literature. Blixen’s works also include “Seven Gothic Tales” and “Winter’s Tales,” further showcasing her literary prowess and artistic expression.

3. A Timeless Connection to Kenya

Karen Blixen’s legacy lives on in Kenya, where her former coffee plantation, known as the Karen Blixen Museum, has been preserved as a historic site. The museum, situated at the foot of the Ngong Hills, offers visitors a glimpse into the life of the renowned author and her love for the country. It provides an opportunity to explore her beautifully restored home, including the rooms where she penned her literary masterpieces. The museum also features exhibits that shed light on her fascinating life and her profound impact on Kenya’s cultural and literary heritage. As visitors walk through the museum’s halls, they can feel the timeless connection between Karen Blixen and the land she fell in love with, forever immortalized in her iconic book “Out of Africa.”

In summary, Karen Blixen, the celebrated Danish author, and adventurer, left an enduring legacy through her captivating memoir “Out of Africa.” Her enchanting experiences in Kenya and her love for the African wilderness continue to inspire readers and travellers alike. Through the Karen Blixen Museum, visitors can step back in time to discover the fascinating life of this literary icon and the timeless connection she forged with the landscapes, wildlife, and people of Kenya.

Nairobi, the bustling capital city of Kenya, offers a range of excellent accommodation options that cater to the diverse preferences of tourists. Whether you seek luxury, convenience, or immersive cultural experiences, Nairobi has something to suit every traveller’s needs.

1. Luxury Safari Lodges and Hotels: Pampering Amidst Nature

For tourists seeking a taste of luxury amidst the wild beauty of Nairobi, the city boasts a collection of exquisite safari lodges and hotels. These establishments offer world-class amenities, impeccable service, and stunning views of Nairobi National Park. Imagine waking up to the sight of giraffes and zebras grazing against the backdrop of the city skyline. Some luxury lodges even offer private game drives within the park, providing exclusive wildlife encounters. These upscale accommodations are perfect for those who wish to indulge in opulence while remaining close to the city’s attractions and the allure of the African wilderness.

2. City-Centre Hotels: Convenience and Accessibility

If proximity to Nairobi’s attractions, shopping, and entertainment is a priority, staying in city-centre hotels is a great choice. Nairobi’s downtown area is home to a variety of hotels ranging from budget-friendly to mid-range options. Tourists can easily access major landmarks, museums, and bustling markets within a short distance from their hotel. Additionally, city-centre hotels offer a diverse culinary experience, with numerous restaurants and cafes serving a wide range of cuisines. Travelers will also find excellent public transport connections from this central location, making it convenient for exploring the city’s vibrant culture and history.

3. Boutique Guesthouses: Immersive Cultural Experiences

For tourists seeking a more intimate and authentic experience, boutique guesthouses in Nairobi offer a glimpse into Kenyan culture and hospitality. These charming accommodations often feature unique architectural designs, lush gardens, and personalized service. Many guesthouses are located in tranquil neighbourhoods, providing a peaceful retreat from the city’s hustle and bustle. Engaging with the local hosts allows tourists to learn about Kenyan traditions, customs, and daily life. Staying in boutique guesthouses not only provides a memorable stay but also supports local businesses and communities.

In conclusion, Nairobi offers a wide array of accommodation options to suit the preferences of every tourist. Whether you prefer the luxurious experience of safari lodges, the convenience of city-centre hotels, or the immersive cultural experience of boutique guesthouses, each option promises a memorable stay in Kenya’s vibrant capital city.

Nairobi, the vibrant capital of Kenya, serves as a perfect launchpad for exciting day trips to nearby destinations. Within a short distance from the city, tourists can explore a diverse range of attractions, from wildlife encounters to cultural experiences.

1. Nairobi National Park: A Safari Adventure on Your Doorstep

One of the most remarkable day trip options from Nairobi is visiting Nairobi National Park, a unique gem situated just a stone’s throw away from the city center. This extraordinary wildlife sanctuary offers a rare opportunity to experience a thrilling safari adventure without leaving Nairobi’s city limits. Within the park’s vast savannah plains, visitors can spot a variety of iconic African wildlife, including lions, giraffes, zebras, and rhinos, against the backdrop of Nairobi’s skyline. Guided game drives, walking safaris, and birdwatching excursions provide immersive encounters with nature. Nairobi National Park is an ideal destination for tourists with limited time but a strong desire to experience the wonders of the African wilderness.

2. David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust: Up-Close with Adorable Baby Elephants

For a heartwarming and educational experience, consider a day trip to the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust (DSWT). This renowned orphanage is dedicated to the rescue and rehabilitation of orphaned baby elephants and rhinos. During your visit, you can watch the playful baby elephants being fed, taking mud baths, and interacting with their dedicated keepers. DSWT’s efforts in wildlife conservation and rehabilitation provide valuable insights into the conservation challenges facing these magnificent creatures. By visiting DSWT, you not only create cherished memories but also contribute to the conservation of Kenya’s precious wildlife.

3. Karen Blixen Museum: A Glimpse into Literary History

History and literature enthusiasts will find the Karen Blixen Museum a captivating day trip destination. This historic site was once the home of Karen Blixen, the Danish author renowned for her book “Out of Africa.” The museum offers visitors a glimpse into the life of this literary icon and her time in Kenya. As you stroll through the beautifully preserved rooms and gardens, you can immerse yourself in the ambiance of Blixen’s era. The museum’s exhibits showcase her fascinating life, adventures, and enduring connection to the Kenyan landscape. A visit to the Karen Blixen Museum is a journey back in time, offering a fascinating blend of literary history and Kenyan heritage.

In summary, Nairobi day trips open a world of possibilities for tourists to experience the best of Kenya’s wildlife, culture, and history within a short distance from the city. From exhilarating safaris at Nairobi National Park to heartwarming encounters with baby elephants at DSWT and a glimpse into literary history at the Karen Blixen Museum, each destination promises an enriching and unforgettable experience during your stay in Nairobi.

For the short excursion in Nairobi, you can embark on a thrilling half-day trip to Nairobi National Park, an extraordinary wildlife sanctuary situated just a stone’s throw away from the city centre. Despite its proximity to Nairobi’s urban landscape, the park boasts a diverse array of iconic African wildlife against the backdrop of the city skyline, creating a unique safari experience like no other.

1. Wildlife Encounters Amidst Nairobi’s Cityscape

A half-day trip to Nairobi National Park offers an incredible opportunity to spot a variety of wildlife species in their natural habitat. Within the park’s vast savannah plains and acacia woodlands, visitors can witness majestic lions, graceful giraffes, towering ostriches, and elusive leopards, among other remarkable creatures. The park is also a haven for rhinos, making it one of the few places near a major city where you can witness these endangered creatures up close.

2. Guided Safari Adventures

During your half-day visit, guided safari adventures provide an immersive experience with Kenya’s fascinating wildlife. Knowledgeable guides lead you on exciting game drives, sharing their insights about the park’s ecosystem and the behaviour of the animals. The morning light enhances the wildlife-viewing experience, creating stunning photographic opportunities. From the comfort of your vehicle, you can witness unforgettable moments, such as herds of zebras grazing, elephants bathing in watering holes, and cheetahs stealthily moving through the grasslands.

3. A Quick Nature Escape

Nairobi National Park is a perfect half-day nature escape for tourists with limited time in the city. Being close to Nairobi’s main attractions, you can easily fit a safari adventure into your schedule without compromising other travel plans. The park’s accessibility makes it an ideal choice for families, solo travellers, and groups seeking an authentic African safari experience while staying within Nairobi’s urban boundaries.

In summary, a half-day trip to Nairobi National Park promises a remarkable wildlife encounter amidst the cityscape. Embark on guided safari adventures, spot Africa’s iconic animals, and capture stunning wildlife moments during your visit. Nairobi National Park offers a unique opportunity to blend urban exploration with an unforgettable safari adventure, making it a must-visit destination for any traveller in Nairobi.

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