Road or Flight Safari – Your Choice

Maybe your idea of an African safari is an adventurous road trip – racking up the miles, kicking back to some tunes, and watching the world go by, on your way to your next wildlife park.

Or, perhaps you see yourself boarding a light aircraft and winging your way over Kenya’s and Tanzania’s fields and forests. You touch down at a local airstrip and feeling a bit like Indiana Jones, you swagger over to the nearby park.

Whichever you hold as the image of your long-awaited safari, we can provide the transportation, the guides, and the atmosphere to make your journey’s vision the reality you desire.

Both road trips and air safaris have their advantages and their own particular kind of fun, so let’s explore the unique aspects of both.

Hit the Road

No one can deny the allure or romance of a road trip – especially one that starts at the first rays of sunrise. The excitement builds as you jump into your 4 x 4 safari jeep and head out over the savannah.

You’ll have plenty of time to discuss with your guide the upcoming parks and what you can expect. Check out the included guidebooks in your Jeep so you can brush up on every aspect of the safari experience.

And there’s WiFi onboard so you can research, share photos and generally connect with an outside world that isn’t quite as lucky as you are today.

Depending on your route you may pass coffee, tea, sisal, and pineapple plantations as you descend into the Great Rift Valley, stopping to admire its dramatic escarpments. 

All Roads Lead North and South

If you are heading north be sure to make a stop at the equator to mark this signature moment while you admire the snow-capped peak of Mt. Kenya.

When your route takes you south, you’ll likely enter Maasai country so be sure to keep an eye out for the Maasai herders in the brightly colored shukas, tending to their flocks. You may also be drawn to the growing form of mighty Mt. Kilimanjaro in the distance, the tallest peak on the continent.

Come Fly With Us

But there’s another way to arrive at your safari destination – by air. Kenya and Tanzania are both beautiful from above as you fly over the savannahs, forests, lakes, and rivers. There’s nothing quite like seeing Kilimanjaro ahead on the horizon, rising through the clouds.

We will pick you up from your hotel or another place of your choosing and bring you to the local airport, where we’ll make sure you are comfortably seated in your light aircraft. Then it’s an easy take-off into the new morning as the sun lights the fields below.

You’ll lightly touch down at a convenient airstrip near your park. As your plane taxis to a stop your Africa Kenya Safaris driver/guide will meet and bring you to your 4 x 4 Land Cruiser Jeep. Then it’s just a quick drive to the park. You’ll arrive refreshed and ready for action.

An air safari means a lot less road time and more time game driving through the parks.

A road safari gives you the opportunity to see and soak up the atmosphere of East Africa’s villages, homesteads, and people.

Both are unforgettable and both are a wonderful way to experience your Africa safari.

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