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Christopher Mwita - Africa Kenya Safaris

You could have gone on a cruise. Or to the beach. But you chose to go on the most thrilling adventure of all – an African safari. You had a passionate desire to see our true world in all its natural colors, sounds, and spectacle.

You craved excitement, to witness the big game roaming the savannahs, leopards stalking in the bush, and the thrill of moving through the jungle to the calls of wildlife echoing about.

Now with the anticipation of your upcoming safari, it’s not surprising you’re going to have questions about the person who will be your portal to this new mysterious landscape – your safari guide.

Who Is My Safari Guide?

Who is this person that is going to bring me up close to lions, leopards, cheetahs, and every order of wild animal?    

What kind of training does my guide have? Who decides when he’s ready to take me and my family out on the savannah or deep into the jungle?

These are the perfect questions to be asking. And we appreciate your care and concern… and your excellent judgment.

We, at Africa Kenya Safaris, have been in the business of bringing folks like you into the heart of the safari experience for over 20 years. This is our home and we know it well, the landscapes, the people, and most definitely, the wildlife.

Your leader, companion, teacher & friend.

We know how important your safari guide is – he is your pilot into the exotic world you are about to enter. We require that your guide’s knowledge of this landscape must be unsurpassed and that he is confident, steadfast, and ready to take on all situations.

We expect that your safari guide will be your leader, companion, teacher, and very importantly, your friend.

But while he must be an expert on the wildlife – knowing just where to find that family of elephants or an elusive leopard – he must also be tuned into your needs – is it time to take a break or have lunch or perhaps pull up to an incredible vista for a sundowner?

Most importantly, your safari guide must understand that your safety and security come before everything else.

When a guide knows and lives these vital concepts, then he is ready to be an Africa Kenya Safari’s guide. And only then, will we entrust him with you, our precious client.

Who Are The KPSGA?

They are the Kenya Professional Safari Guides Association – the gold standard for training and certifying safari guides. These are the people who provide a certification process through rigorous testing to ensure the highest standards for Kenya’s guides.

Our guides are certified with the KPSGA. This is your assurance that your guide is not only an expert in his field but follows the high ethical standards set by their professional association.

Not only are our guides certified experts, but they have also been sharing their passion for the safari life for decades – some as much as 30 years!  When you first meet your safari guide and he welcomes you with his warm smile, you’ll have every assurance you are in very capable hands.

With his easy manner and curiosity about your safari dreams, you’ll quickly realize that your guide is an excellent communicator. And many of our guides are multilingual – all are fluent in English and some also speak German, Italian, French, or Spanish.

It’s Your Safari. It’s Your Story

Together, you and your guide will create your personal safari story – the anticipation of the adventure, the big dramatic moments of the chase, the quiet introspective times around the campfire recalling special moments of the day, and the emotional goodbyes at the end of your journey.

At Africa Kenya Safaris it is your guide’s singular purpose to create this special safari story for you… one of exceptional memories to treasure, for you to share with others for years to come.

And we promise you… many of those special memories will be of that exceptional person who made it all happen so flawlessly –  your safari guide.

Moses Kimani

Christopher Mwita - Africa Kenya Safaris

Mwita Chris

Bonaya Shari - africa-kenya-safaris

Bonaya Shari

Thomas Kombo

Francis Mwikya

Abdul Halim - safari guide at Africa Kenya Safaris

Abdul Halim

John Munguti

Abubakar Yahya

Evanson Kamau - safari guide at Africa Kenya Safaris (4)

Evanson Kamau

Sisto Kimunge

Ezekiel Otieno

James Mwangi

Waiganjo Michael

Humphrey Wanjiku - safari guide at Africa Kenya Safaris2

Humphrey Wanjiku

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