Safari Off Road and More

Want to add more thrills to your African safari? To bring it to a level most adventurers only dream about?

There is a unique way you can get off the beaten path… literally. And venture into the bush, leaving the other tourists behind. In this special safari mode, you can explore at your own pace and get closer to the land and wildlife than you ever imagined.

Not only that, but you’ll be able to enjoy a range of unusual activities on the safari lands few have experienced.

What’s the secret? Journey to Africa’s special conservancies.

What Are They and Where Are They?

You’ll find them throughout Kenya, often bordering the country’s wildlife animal parks. These are special lands set aside and often owned by Africa’s aboriginal people such as the Maasai. Tourism access is severely limited to help preserve the land and the wildlife.

The cost of entry is higher than just going to the national parks but your dollars go farther – protecting the environment and supporting the people of the local communities. And you get to benefit as well. 

These African conservancies are especially concentrated around the Masai Mara National Reserve, with the oldest of them supporting the wildlife, the land, and its inhabitants for the past 30 years.

All very eco-aware – they utilize best practices for grazing and land management.

And all provide excellent accommodations for the lucky safari-goers who can land a spot at their well-appointed lodges and tented camps.

Time to Explore

When you safari to Africa you expect to see plenty of wildlife… and you will. But when you safari to a special conservancy, you’ll get so much closer than you imagined.

In the national parks, your safari vehicle is limited to traveling on the designated roads. But in the conservancies, your guides can point your 4 x 4 Jeep off the road and onto the savannah, the bush, and into the forest. You cut your own paths leading to where the wildlife is.

Want to get out and walk the fields? Here you can safely do so with your expert guide, who will point out the plants, flowers, birds, and the grazers not far off.

And it will be just you and the wildlife – don’t expect to see many other two-legged creatures sharing this space. As mentioned, these conservancy lands limit the number of tourists who can enter this treasured space.

Night Safaris And More

If you’ve never been on a night safari, it’s a rare treat. Not usually allowed in the national parks,

Bundle up, grab a thermos, and your camera and get ready to experience a different kind of Africa. The night air is cool, and the wildlife sounds are eerily close and exotic.

Expect to see pairs of shining eyes peering back at you in the inky darkness. Nighttime is the best time to spot the elusive leopard and other nocturnal animals like the bushbaby.

Want to go total safari? How about a full night’s campout in the bush? Here in the conservancy, you can arrange to spend the night with your guide under one of Africa’s amazing stary skies, the sounds of the wildlife lulling you to sleep.

Or just go for an evening cookout… or safari breakfast.

So may options are available to you here that just are not on a typical safari tour. But we can make them all happen – just contact us at Africa Kenya Safaris and we’ll take you to Kenya’s biggest secret – its amazing conservancies.

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