“Lots of Elephants and Few Tourists”

Discover 3,000 elephants, 700 lions, and Countless Wildebeests!

Two adult African Elephants & one baby Elephant in grassland at Amboseli National Park

Sometimes great parks are overshadowed by their more famous neighbors. Tarangire National Park is bursting with wildlife but is often skipped for the better-known Serengeti and Ngorongoro ecosystems.

But that would be a mistake as this unique reserve is home to upwards of 3,000 elephants, over 700 lions, and during its migration season, more than 100,000 wildebeests, and zebras march through the park. On a single day, one can view over 500 elephants out on Tarangire’s plains, a sight unmatched anywhere else.

And yet, the park is often ignored on Tanzania’s popular northern safari circuit. But that’s good news for those willing to venture into this landscape of delightful surprises, for you’ll find few tourists but an exciting concentration of wildlife – buffalo, giraffes, lions, leopards, cheetah, impala, baboons, monkeys, and more.

First Came the River

Bisecting the reserve is its namesake, the Tarangire River, the main source of water for thousands of animals during the dry season. Here you’ll find unlimited numbers of buffalo and elephants – the 2nd highest concentration of wildlife in Tanzania.

Warthogs, ostriches, impala, gazelle, mongoose, honey badger, African wild dogs, and so much more move through this very peaceful park. And the bird sightings are amongst the most fluid of any reserve in the country – over 550 species.

A parade of elephants on the march through Tarangire National Park
The famous Baobab Tree in Tarangire National Park in Tanzania

Tarangire’s Curiosities

Ever seen a baobab tree? The great stands of these bizarre-looking trees – with their massive trunks and stubby branches – are a signature attraction, unique to Tarangire. The trunk of the baobab can hold up to 300 liters (79 gallons) of water to survive the dry season and the oldest live for a thousand years. Known as the “Tree of Life”, the bizarre baobab produces a nutritious fruit and edible seeds.

You probably didn’t come to Africa to look for immense termite mounds, but during your stay at Tarangire, you can’t miss these unexpected humps dotting the plains. Another unique feature of the park, these countless homes for tiny creatures are recycled when abandoned as the dwarf mongoose moves in, taking over the space. Nature at its most efficient!

Don’t Miss

Explore at Night  – Few national parks offer night safaris but at Tarangire, you can bundle up and go exploring when the sun goes down. This is your best time to see the night dwellers like leopard, civet cats, and porcupines.

Migrations – Tarangire is known for its migration of many thousands of wildebeests, zebras, antelope, and elephants. Look for them near the river during the dry season.

A herd of wildebeest on the Great Migration through Serengeti National Park

Survey: Tarangire National Park

This very unusual park of 2,850 sq. km (1,100 sq. mi) is a mix of woodlands, swamps, and grassy plains bedecked with distinctive baobab trees.

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Sangaiwe tented camp, Burunge Tented Lodge

This is Tarangire

Immense swaths of wildlife are found in numbers you won’t encounter at most parks. And at the same time, the few tourists mean you’ll enjoy a truly authentic time in this busy but peaceful reserve.

Join us at Tarangire National Park

Africa Kenya Safaris offers journeys to Tarangire and other parks in the region. Just contact us to get your safari started.

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Help us create your perfect Safari! Tell us about your travel choices, any unique experiences you desire, and upcoming special occasions.