The Elephants of Amboseli Park

We all love a guarantee – whether it’s the promise of a wonderful time, a special treat, or an exciting surprise. And that’s no different when going on an Africa safari. We want to be assured that we’re going to see exactly the wildlife we set out to see.

But the natural world is not a zoo. There are no animals in cages here waiting for your arrival. Our expert guides and trackers do an excellent job of finding the wildlife for your discovery and enjoyment. Still, there’s no absolute guarantee that you’ll see the exact species you want to see, when you want to see them.

Except…. at Amboseli National Park. This compact park is famous for its beautiful and dense herds of free-ranging elephants. There are so many of these great, noble pachyderms, here that you are guaranteed to see them. Amboseli is known as perhaps the best place in Kenya, if not Africa to spot these towering, majestic creatures.

This is ‘The Land of the Giants’

If the park’s hundreds of big-tusked elephants weren’t enough of an attraction, picture them parading against the backdrop of Africa’s highest peak, mighty Mt. Kilimanjaro. The great snow-capped mountain stands like a sentinel over the park’s southern border creating postcard-like vistas.

These ‘giants’ – the great elephants and the continent’s highest peak are a photographer’s treat, complementing each other in their majesty. It’s practically impossible to take a bad photo at Amboseli, and you’ll enjoy “capturing” the family elephant groups as they trod to and from their nearby watering holes.

Observation Hill

True to its name, this is a wonderful spot to drive up in your 4 x 4 Jeep, get out, stretch, and take in the expanse of Amboseli. Here you’ll see the park’s lakes, marshes, and plains… and all the wildlife they hold.

Of course, the elephants will be the easiest to spot as they forage and enjoy the cool waters in the wetlands below. Of special note is Ol Okenya Swamp, a favorite spot for the big-tuskers.

But you’ll more than likely discover lots of other wildlife during your stay at the park. Because of its compact size, the rangers know where to spot the big cats, buffalo, giraffe, wildebeest, zebra, hyenas, and can direct safari-goers to the areas where they can be found.

Elephant Research Camp

In this unique facility, Dr. Cynthia Moss has studied Amboseli’s elephants and created a renowned body of work including The Amboseli Elephants and Elephant Memories. This longest-ever study of elephants in the wild has focused on their behavior and social organization.

Pre-arrangements are necessary to visit, but you’ll be rewarded with a personal learning environment and conversations with the camp’s researchers. Get familiar with the Center’s elephant conservation efforts and measures to stop poaching these beautiful animals.

Spending time at Amboseli Park, you’ll quickly appreciate the special qualities of the African elephant. Intelligent and emotional creatures, they will also take stock of you, through sight, sound, and scent. Come in peace and the elephants of Amboseli will send a peaceful vibe back your way, completing the circle of gratitude.

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