The Fabulous Kenya Coast

What’s more fun than going on an Africa safari in Kenya? Going on that special safari and finishing up at the fabulous Kenya coast. Many safari-goers don’t even know that Kenya is blessed with a pristine 1420 km (882 mi) ribbon of coastline bordering the Indian Ocean. Or that its beaches are clean, untouristed, and hug the warm turquoise waves harboring colorful coral and sea life.

But more adventurers are discovering this sparkling addition to their safari experience, where they can find world-class SCUBA diving and snorkeling, trips to nearby marine reserves, and a chic international shopping and nightlife scene.


Kenya’s second-largest city lies on the coast and offers days on the beach and evenings at restaurants, clubs, and sunset dinner sailings on an authentic dhow. The city’s Old Town is a charming warren of alleyways and bazaars featuring exotic goods and spices infused with Arab, Portuguese, and Swahili influences.

Out on Mombasa’s beaches, one can relax after a vigorous and dusty safari adventure. Lying there on the sand, you might do a double-take when the first camel walks by. But you’ll soon see more of these regular Mombasa attractions sharing the beach. Take advantage of the moment and go for a camel ride as you breathe in the sea air and watch the rolling waves of this exotic setting. Only in Mombasa!

Diani Beach

Not far down the coast from Mombasa, you’ll find a broad, empty strand bordered by the ocean on one flank and a carpet of greenery on the opposite, edging the golden sands. This is Diani Beach, voted three times the finest beach in Africa.

Clean, uncrowded, with broad shallow waters for wading, you’ll quickly understand Diani’s appeal. Even the low-rise hotels are set back, giving the beach area a quaint, charming feel.

Swim, snorkel, parasail, dive, even jet ski on the ocean’s calm waters. The shopping and restaurant scene here is the sort of chic tableau you’ll find in sophisticated resort areas.

Lamu Town

If you want to really dive into the heart of Kenya’s coastal scene where the Swahili influences are alive as are the international celebrity sightings, travel up the coast to Lamu Town. Located 341 km (212 mi) north of Mombasa, the ancient town is located on Lamu Island and is a vibrant mix of Turkish, Portuguese, Arab, and Swahili cultures.

Walking through Lamu’s tiny alleyways, you’ll have to make way for the packs of donkeys trotting by that serve as the main source of transportation in this historical space.

Designated by the UN World Heritage List as “the oldest and best-preserved Swahili settlement in East Africa”, this coastal town is alive with shops, restaurants, and activities like dhows sailing from the local harbor.

Africa Kenya Safaris can arrange to start or finish your safari tour at any of these coastal towns and beaches. And all are served by local air carriers with modern facilities if you’d like to enjoy one of our many flight safaris.

We offer one to nine-day wildlife adventures beginning in Nairobi, Mombasa, Diani Beach, and the beach towns of Malindi and Watamu. So complete your safari with some serious time on the coast. Or, add to your beach vacation with a journey to our famous wildlife parks. Taken together, Kenya’s safaris and coastal life are a perfect holiday mix.

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