Unbelievable Nairobi National Park

Why unbelievable? You’ve never seen anything like it – just ten minutes from downtown Nairobi, a bustling world-class city with gleaming glass skyscrapers, you’ll find yourself amongst roaming lions, buffalo, giraffe, and rhinos in a true African safari wildlife park.

This park is not some city zoo. It’s the real wild deal, as those prowling big cats will quickly convince you. Set against the backdrop of a busy metropolis with jetliners on final approach to the international airport, you’ll spot cheetah, hyena, impala, zebra, ostrich, gazelle, and much more. And all of this, just a quick drive from your hotel!

In fact, you could easily hop over here after breakfast, see the park and be back at a city café for lunch… should you choose.

Here Be Rhinos

The endangered rhino is shy, nocturnal, and somewhat elusive. You won’t find them at every safari park – not so here. Rhinos are a key feature of Nairobi Park, with its rich and protected population of black rhinos. The rhinos are so dense here, that the park provides them to other reserves throughout Kenya.

You Can Walk the Walk

Nairobi National Park is a curious blend of wild animal reserve and city park in that you’ll find numerous walking trails. They’re easy to navigate and even offer picnic sites. While you’re taking a relaxing hike, you’re sure to spot plenty of grazing wildlife and the more than 400 bird species, filling the skies about you.

We Have the Tours

It’s so easy getting to Nairobi National Park from downtown or the airport as we offer several tours of the reserve. We’ll pick you up for the brief ride and you’ll have your choice of tours – half day only or see the park and then visit some nearby sites.

The half-day tours come in two varieties – morning or afternoon – 7 am to noon or 1 pm to 6. Just let us know which suits your schedule.

The Park and City tour include visits to nearby Giraffe Centre and the Sheldrick Elephant Orphanage. Both are as unique as the park.

Giraffe Centre is a sanctuary for endangered Rothschild’s giraffes. Climb the platform here and feed pellets to the waiting giraffes – you may even get a kiss from a long, green tongue.

The Elephant Orphanage is home to dozens of rescued baby elephants and rhinos. The cuteness meter goes off the charts here so prepare yourself for overwhelming delight.

We Make It So Easy

Everything about Nairobi National Park is easy and accessible. And we make it even easier for you. No matter your location in the city, we’ll pick you up in one of our safari 4 x 4 Jeeps for the quick ride to the park.

And last-minute bookings are no problem. Just let us know what’s good for you and we’ll arrange for your trip to the reserve.

Africa Kenya Safaris also offers options for either group or private tours – once again, it’s always your choice.

So when you’re in Nairobi for business or pleasure, it’s always an easy escape to the city’s premier park – the world-class animal reserve where the wildlife is just minutes away. There’s nothing else like it on the African continent.

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