Your Kenya Safari Road Trip

Who doesn’t like to take off on a road trip? You just plan your journey, grab your gear, and then sit back, taking in the adventures you encounter on the open road.

Now imagine going on the safari road in Africa, where real adventure was born. Picture yourself on the open savannah riding through the big sky country of the Tsavo Parks or the rolling hills of the Masai Mara – all around you, zebra, giraffe, elephants… and up ahead a pride of lions staring back at you.

This is the real Africa of legend and the true natural world. Here on a safari tour, there’s nothing like venturing out and getting up close to predators on the hunt or coming upon an unexpected herd of gazelle in a clearing. Or, how about following a giant tusker on a narrow road taking his time and forcing you to do the same? Only on a safari to Africa.

Because when you’re on the road in Kenya, time slows down to a more orderly rhythm, one that has governed this continent for eons. Soon, you’ll find yourself falling into this natural pace as you move over these timeless landscapes and appreciate the great physical world before you.

Enjoy the Ride

A big part of your African safari road trip over the plains and fields is your ride – namely a 4 x 4 Land Cruiser Jeep. This rugged vehicle has been the safari standard for over 60 years and you’re guaranteed one on our tours.

You’re also guaranteed a window seat. So as you travel through the highlands or the Rift Valley on the way to the parks, you’ll find yourself getting into the tempo and mood of the safari experience.

You’ll be passing small homesteads of coffee, tea, and pineapple, and small villages where you may stop for breakfast or to browse the local markets. Heading south to Amboseli Park or the Masai Mara Reserve you’ll most likely see Maasai tribespeople along the road, tending to their cattle.

There will be opportunities to stop at their villages and meet these local people, see how they construct their homes, and learn about their culture and lifestyle. You may even get offers to join in local ceremonies or dance. 

All this and you haven’t even entered a national park yet! This is the fun of being on a private game drive – you’ll discuss with your driver/guide your many choices of how you want your safari experience to unfold.

Pulling Up to the Parks

There’s no feeling like the moment when you pass the gate of a wildlife park and roll into this protected environment. Soon you’ll see small grazers like antelope, zebra, and warthogs by the side of the road. Then, rising above the trees, giraffe and elephant stand out, looking almost unreal… but this is their world and you are the guest.

In some of the parks, you can head for special sanctuaries created to protect endangered species such as rhinos and chimpanzees.

Driving deeper into the reserve, you’ll be tracking for lions, cheetah, leopards, hyena, and wild dogs. You may even get close to these predators after a hunt. This is nature with all its graphic detail.

Let’s Plan Your Safari

When you contact us, we’ll talk about the different national parks, what wildlife they’re known for, and what you can expect to see. We’ll also talk about your travel time on the road, activities, and sights for that part of your safari.

Just contact one of the safari experts at Africa Kenya Safaris and we’ll get started planning your ultimate road trip.


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